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A Gastronomic Tour of Poblenou

Written by Olivia

For Coffee and Pastries

Les Petits Plaisirs:coffee barcelona This place has been a favorite of mine for the past year, and I frequently go here for a relaxing coffee and delicious pastry amongst locals. The coffee is stupendous, and though the interior isn’t anything spectacular, it just feels so local. They make delicious lattes, the waitstaff is incredibly friendly and their bread is amazing. I usually get a blueberry tart or an apple tart tartin (one of the best I’ve ever had, including in Paris), an americano, and sit outside and enjoy the community vibes that you can only experience out of the center of the city. Carrer del Taulat 224 

For the Menu of the Day

Tras-Paso: though it is technically considered to be in Poblenou, I’d say it’s right on the border, maybe a bridge between the two zones. Tras-paso is an eclectic little bar and restaurant, with mismatched furniture, a lively and quirky waitstaff, and an amazing menu of the day! There is always something different, but it is a great spot to hop over to during lunch hours if you work in the area. The walls make as murals, with different color schemes, buildings, and figures throughout, and you get the feeling that you’re in a boho-apartment in Brooklyn. The furniture is far from uniform, as is the daily menu, but that is what makes it so fun. Every time I have been there, it has been packed with a variety of people, from elderly, to businessmen and women in suits, to the grunge scene that you can easily find in Poblenou. Calle Fluvia 24

For Tapas

Quinua: After pastries, a full menu from lunch, and anticipating an incredible Italian carb-filled dinner, one must take time to digest with an afternoon clara, some light and delicious tapas or just a glass of wine on an enchanting terrace. More or less hidden, this restaurant like a workshop on this narrow street, but inside you will find a wonderful world of exquisite cuisine. I recommend getting the squid carpaccio, the Gazpacho with shrimp, and of course, the quinoa salad with lettuce from their garden. If you are too stuffed to eat, just go for the local afternoon atmosphere and a lovely drink. Truly, this is my favorite gem of Poblenou, at least for the terrace and outside/inside seating. Carrer del Taulat 42

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For Dinner

Locorotondo: This Italian restaurant is tucked away on one of my favorite streets in Poblenou, Taulat. Famous for its incredible Italian cuisine, this spot is a gem among locals in the Poblenou and Selva de Mar area since 2014. They serve traditional Italian plates, wonderful seafood dishes, and one of the most mouthwateringly delicious homemade lasagnas that I have ever had. The inside decor is cozy and classy, and the restaurant is famous for their beautiful staircase and traditional looking tapestries against their red walls.  Passeig del Taulat 183

For Drinks 

Balius: CocktailsThis fantastic vermouth bar is an absolute favorite of mine. It actually aided in the slow and steady love story I have developed over recent months with Poblenou. It is a classy establishment, with careful and skilled bartenders, attending to your every alcoholic desire. They have some of the best vermouth in the city, if not my favorite, and a beautiful list of handcrafted cocktails to choose from on their unique drinks list. On top of the drinks being fantastic, the bartenders are really cool, genuinely happy to get their customers nice and drunk, and the prices are adequate, if not below what you might expect from such excellence. There is an intimate atmosphere with dark lighting, awesome furniture and interior design, tranquil music, and an interesting crowd that frequents this unique bar. Pujades 196

About the author


Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.

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