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The Most Beautiful Christmas Decorations for Your Home

lady decorates christmas tree
Written by Daniella

Ahhh… It’s that most wonderful time of the year again… For many families, this is quality time spent with family and friends. Christmas can be magical, and we love to bring some of that special magic into the house. So let’s get those Christmas decorations out of their boxes to see what we will use this time.

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This year, however, is much different than previous years, because (partial) lockdown restrictions can keep us from visiting our family. And even if that is the case with you and your family, don’t let it spoil your festive season

So let’s discuss Christmas decorations 2020!

Christmas decoration ideas

Have you managed to gather all the essentials to brighten up your home this Christmas? Most people put up a Christmas tree, at least, but other decorations can also give that warm and special touch to the rooms in your home. 

Grab a notebook and write down some of our decoration suggestions. If you can’t use them this year anymore, you will surely have a nice list for next year’s celebrations.

christmas tree

Photo by Irina Iriser via Pexels

How to decorate every room in the house this Christmas: garlands, candles, pine cones and balls

Although Christmas decorations inside the house always seem to look the same, you can still add a few new elements and spice things up. This will make it look different than last year’s decorations anyway.

One item that will definitely bring some Christmas spirit to your rooms is a garland. You can easily hang them around mirrors or doors, and they will provide the house with a true Christmas feel.

A trend that seems more popular these days is making your own Christmas decorations. This is not only less expensive, but also great fun. It allows you to make more personal decorations, with small but meaningful details.

christmas decorations

Photo by Irina Iriser via Pexels

Would you like to see some examples? Here are a few items to make yourself: 

  1. Buy a basic garland and decorate it with extra elements, like bows, notes, bells or small family photos. Anything you attach to the garland adds a little something.
  2. Go to the forest and collect a bunch of pine cones. You can paint them or go a little wild with glitter. With a little string attached to the pine cones, they are perfect for door handles in your entire home. They brighten up the place immediately.
  3. Personalize your candle holders by adding branches from a Christmas tree, pine cones, some bells and ribbons. If you put the candle holder on a plate or tray, you can move it when you need the extra space on your dining room table. 
  4. Why not make your own Christmas tree balls this year? You only need some small balloons, colourless glue and paper or tissue. Once the balloon is covered and dried, you can paint the balls in your favourite Christmas colours. 

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Christmas table decorations

We mustn’t forget about our dining table… During special moments like these, our whole family – situation permitted – celebrates with us while enjoying a good Christmas dinner

An excellent eyecatcher is the centerpiece, and this is an element that lights up every room. You can decide to buy one, or make one yourself. You can use the same ingredients as mentioned above.

Combine several elements for a festive look, and make sure you can remove it from the table in case you need the space when lunch or dinner starts.

What do you think about the centerpiece below? Not complicated at all! You got this!

christmas decorations at table

Photo by Chelsea Francis via Unsplash

This year might be a little different, because not everyone is allowed to travel due to the Corona virus, but this doesn’t mean we should just forget about celebrating Christmas. We need to eat anyway, so why not make the dinner table more appealing than normal?

It is easy to make something special of your table this Christmas. We will give you some suggestions, and you can decide which ones you will use or combine:

  • Tablecloth with matching napkins. Choose warm colours that go together well, like red with white, or green with gold.
  • Don’t have any fancy dinnerware? Don’t worry! Just fold a nice napkin and place it on a guest’s plate. Add a small card with the guest’s name on it, and voila. Even a small Christmas figurine can do the trick.
  • Candles give warmth, both physically and symbolically. So let’s not be frugal with them. One or two candles between each of the opposite guests at the table will do just fine. They will make the room glow with warmth and provide a cosy atmosphere.
  • Now is the time for your table runner, and if you don’t have one, just take one of the earlier mentioned garlands to decorate the table.
  • Any personal message adds a little touch to your dinner table, whether it is a short note or poem. All of your guests will love them.
christmas decorations on table

Photo by Claudio Schwarz Purzlbaum via Unsplash

Decorating your home at Christmas: design your own advent calendar

An advent calendar is one of those specific Christmas traditions we love, and they count down to Christmas Day. The ones you buy at the store are usually filled with small chocolates, but why not make your own advent calendar this year? 

All you need is some Christmas stockings with the numbers 1 to 24 on them, and then you fill them with small presents. This is the perfect way to give something useful or fun, specifically for the person at the receiving end. Need some ideas on what to put in those Christmas stockings? We have a couple of suggestions, and they can be both for children or adults:

  • a book
  • a handwritten letter
  • bath products
  • chocolates
  • earrings, a bracelet or a necklace
  • dried fruits
  • nail polish or lipstick
  • headphones
  • small games
  • a key ring
  • a small notebook
  • a USB-stick
  • a box of textmarkers or colouring pencils
  • hand moisturizer
  • perfume
christmas stockings

Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

Uncomplicated Christmas decorations

As you have seen and read, decorating your home for Christmas is no hassle at all. Just be a little creative and use your imagination, and you will be able to enjoy this festive season perfectly.

Do you not yet have a home to decorate for Christmas? The team at ShBarcelona knows all too well about the importance of having a nice place to live in. So if you are still looking for your own apartment and want to start decorating for Christmas, be sure to contact us. We will be happy to be of service and will help you find your ideal spot in Barcelona.

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Although 2020 has been much different from other years, make sure to keep up with your Christmas traditions, and don’t forget about your New Year’s resolutions. May your Christmas season be filled with joy and good company. 

Do you have other ideas to decorate for Christmas?
Please share your ideas in the comment section!


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