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Living in Barcelona

The 5 best views of Barcelona

Written by Adriana

Barcelona is a polyhedron with many sides, depending on which side you look you can see one perspective or another. If you’ve walked through the streets of one of the city’s old town districts you’ve probably noticed that this part of the city has nothing to do with the urban plan of Cerdà in the Eixample district with an almost squared pattern. From ShBarcelona we always invite you to know all the faces of this wonderful city, don’t trust those who put limits to the city, every corner has its charm, including not tourist areas can make you feel at home.

This time we recommend you to go a little far away from the crowd of the city and seek a high point to observe the full view of it. These are the 5 points that offer a panoramic view of Barcelona to which we want you to go, in order of preference:

mirador del migdia1.Mirador del Migdia: we’ve talked several times about this viewpoint and the bar with terrace located therein. We admit that we feel weakness for this corner of Barcelona for the convenience of being served a cold beer while enjoying the view of the port of Barcelona, ​​but really worth getting here.

2.Turó de la Rovira viewpoint – Bunkers of Carmel (picture on the cover): in the neighborhood of Carmel there ir one of the most historical viewpoints of Barcelona, ​​which also get famous somewhat after appearing on the poster of a film starring the teen idol Mario Casas. In this free viewpoint are few bunkers used as anti-aircraft battery during the Spanish Civil War. A stunning sunset!

park guell3.Park Güell viewpoint: you might know this viewpoint but is noteworthy because, apart from offering a fantastic panoramic view of the city, allows you to visit one of the most characteristic parks of Gaudí. If you live in Barcelona and you don’t have a photo on this viewpoint, don’t wait any longer and go take a picture out there! Don’t leave town with our climb up this viewpoint…

terraza-bar-del-miramar4.Gardens Miramar viewpoint: in a romantic bike ride with my partner we arrived at this viewpoint and became “our viewpoint” since then. So I let you know my secret. Miramar Gardens are always semi empty and offer exquisite views of the entire city from the mountain of Montjuïc, and the possibility of having a relaxing drink at the bar that is there. A “must” and very close to Avenida Paralelo if you want to walk from the city center.

Des-de-la-carretera-de-les-aigues5.Carretera de las Aguas: maybe you know this road because you like running over there, then you’ve probably also noticed that the views from there are amazing, right? Don’t miss the opportunity to take a walk or a run on the Carretera de las Aguas (Water Road), and maybe you even see a few boars!

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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