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Best retirement homes in Barcelona

Written by Christine

Barcelona is a very popular city among retirees and many people come here to spend their golden years due to the city’s many advantages. The great weather, the beautiful beaches, and the vibrant culture are just some of the things that make people want to settle in Barcelona. For senior citizens that are looking to settle into a retirement home or a senior care center, there are many in Barcelona that come highly recommended and offer great services to its patrons. Here are some suggestions for great retirement homes in Barcelona for seniors.

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Barcelona’s most well-loved retirement homes

Photo by Pixabay

Residència Centre Parc is one of the top retirement homes in Barcelona due to the many services and facilities that it is able to offer its residents. This home has a gym, garden, activity areas, and private rooms, in addition to all of the essential care like medical services, laundry, hair salon, and meal service. All services are designed with health, safety, and comfort in mind, which is what makes the level of attention so great at this retirement home. The staff makes sure that Residència Centre Parc, located at Avinguda de Madrid, 210 feels like home to all those that live there, and make it feel as friendly and as comfortable as possible.

Another option is Residència Geriàtrica Les Dàlies, a home for the elderly with a variety of activities and services for its patrons. This home at Carrer de Varsòvia, 16 plans crafts, sports, excursions, and celebrates the holidays with parties for everyone to enjoy. There are several therapies available as well, for both mental and physical health, including therapy with animals to brighten up the day. This is the place to go for seniors who are active and social, as there is an abundance of activities and events for residents to take part in every day. This center is small so patrons receive very personalized care and develop great relationships with the staff and residents. All rooms are shared, so at Les Dàlies it’s impossible to ever feel lonely.

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Photo by Pixabay

Residencia de Mayores Consell de Cent is one last retirement home option located in the heart of Eixample on Carrer del Consell del Cent, 210-216. It offers several services to its patrons based on 4 categories: occupational therapy, physical exercise, cognitive management, and fun activities. Within these categories, there are several planned events and activities every day for residents to enjoy and take part in, and are encouraged to sample a variety of activities from the different groups. This is a large facility that has a lot to offer such as a gym, library, garden area, terrace, and activity areas. There are both double and single rooms, depending on the level of privacy that you would like.

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