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Alternative Therapies: Osteopathy

Written by Paula

What is osteopathy? Osteopathy is a form of alternative medicine that manipulates the body in order to treat several health problems.

Osteopaths believe the body works as a whole, which means that if one part of the body is not working properly, all the other parts will try to compensate that. These sort of internal adjustments often lead to inflammation, pain and rigidity.


How does it work?

osteo1Osteopaths manipulate the spine, bones, muscles and tissues, guiding the body into a process in which it will be able to start healing itself.

The spine is one of the main focuses of this form of treatment since spinal problems affect the entire body. This happens because the spine is attached to the nerves of the bone marrow which command the veins, muscles, organs and tissues.


What are the benefits?

The biggest benefit osteopathy can offer is that in many cases it can solve the patient’s problem, avoiding a trip to the operation room.

Osteopathy can be used to treat problems like headache, migraines, scoliosis, hernias, stress, PMS, carpal tunnel syndrome, glaucoma, breathing problems, lumbago, sciatica, torticollis and a number of problems that arise after falls, fractures, surgery or car accidents.


Where can I find osteopathy clinics in Barcelona?

Goksalut offers a variety of alternative therapies such as biomagnetism, naturopathy and kinesiology which are practiced by professionals. There are two osteopaths working at Goksalut: Josep Badia Aranda, who charges 110€ for the first visit and 65€ for the next ones, and Sandra Messeguer Calvo, who charges 60€ for the first visit and 45€ for the next ones.

You can find  Goksalut in Passeig Maragall 253.


In Motec you can be treated by Vanessa Galindo or Jaume Ramon who see patients at the clinic, making house visits in case of emergency.

Motec is located at Ramble Catalunya 92.


o3Clínica d’Osteopatia de Barcelona has a team of more than 15 osteopaths, offering treatment for a variety of physical problems.

You can find Clínica d’Osteopatia de Barcelona at Santaló 134.

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