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Districts of Barcelona

Barcelona ZIP CODE

Written by James

Barcelona is a metropolitan city and is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid. Being the largest city in Catalonia it boasts some of the best cultural aspects in the area as well as being a Mediterranean port town. With 7 million souls living in and around Barcelona it is a large metropolis that has something for everyone. The way Barcelona has developed over 2000 years has given rise to a number of very distinct barrios; more commonly referred to as neighborhoods or districts. Your Barcelona ZIP Code often denotes not just the place in which you live but more often more about you than you realize.

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Barrio Breakdown

As with any metropolitan city Barcelona can be broken down into several districts each with its own distinct parameters and character. Whether you live in Barcelona were simply traveling to it, or are in search to rent an apartment in Barcelona this will give you a good guide to its different neighborhoods.

Barceloneta – generally one of the most popular districts for tourists and their families as it is located close to downtown but out of the city center itself and is also close to the nearest beach to the city center. The waterfront once an area of decay has seen large developments in recent decades to bring it into the fold of tours and.

Ciutat Vella/Gotic – is considered old Barcelona with tons of curving and twisting narrow streets, great examples of medieval architecture, and rustic restaurants and cafés to enjoy.

Eixample – the heart of the architectural world for Gaudi, Barcelona is favorite architect, but this area is also home to the best shopping available in Barcelona as well as high-end, top notch restaurants and nightlife for tourists and locals alike. Essentially the fashion district.

El Born – considered the artists and designer district by many it is a trending small neighborhood with many tapas restaurants and bars that have a bohemian character.

El Raval – if you are looking to rent a flat in Barcelona, and are an immigrant this would be a great neighborhood to feel at home, as it is mostly populated by new immigrants, with a varying array of cultures and shops together.

Gracia – another interesting barrio in the center of Barcelona, this ZIP Code get you close to one of the best parades available in Barcelona. Every August a street painting parade travels through this district.

Les Corts – a largely residential and business neighborhood it also sports the FC Barcelona Stadium.

Sagrada Familia – a popular tourist neighborhood as it surrounds the unfinished Gaudi Roman Catholic Church.

barcelonaSant Marti – more a business and industrial sector it is home to the cutting edge newfound industries within Barcelona. As such it generally tends to have cheaper accommodations for rentals and vacation rentals.

Sarria-St. Gervasi – one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Barcelona, it has many large mansions, private schools, parks and embassies.

Vila Olimpica – at the turn-of-the-century this neighborhood was an industrial factory base, but was revitalized prior to the 1992 Olympics to house Olympic athletes. Today it is a modern and chic neighborhood that is also close to Barcelona’s beaches.

Finding a Barcelona ZIP Code for vacation or flat rentals depends in your personal preference to be in the center of the action or on its fringes. If you like a quiet lifestyle with occasional trips to great destinations generally the fringe districts will be your choice. Living in the heart of Barcelona can also be more expensive than the outlying districts.

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