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Where to eat the best “patatas bravas” in Barcelona?

Written by Adriana

As a Barcelona’s visitor or local inhabitant you probably have heard about one of the most famous Spanish tapas, patatas bravas, right? But not all the bars and restaurants that serve this “tapa” make it with the utmost attention to taste, frying process and product quality… sometimes they fry some frozen potatoes and serve them with a sauce mix of ketchup and some more, without much respect for the traditional recipe. From ShBarcelona we want to suggest some places where you can taste this dish with its delicious and authentic preparation.

But first of all… what are the patatas bravas?

The traditional recipe for patatas bravas dictates that they have to be cut into irregular cubes approximately of 3 inches, to be fried with quality oil and to be soak in salsa made from tomatoes, cayenne (sometimes in order to be spicy), alioli (especially in the Catalan recipe) or mayonnaise. In my experience it is better that they aren’t very spicy because you may not notice the other flavors.

Where can you eat patatas bravas in Barcelona?

bravaselsayfredBar Tomás: If you ask any local inhabitant will tell you that this is the most known place for serving the best patatas bravas in Barcelona. Perhaps this legendary place of Sarria is more a myth, but most of this myth is supported by the quality of their patatas bravas with their secret sauce, you have to try them!

El Bar: This bar, unlike most, does not hide the recipe for the salsa brava that they serve with the potatoes: chopped chorizo, tomato sauce with roasted peppers and homemade mayonnaise. Go to the 118 at Calabaria Street and enjoy this traditional place with an innovative and creative touch.

Fábrica Moritz: we have talked on many occasions about Fàbrica Moritz, this bar-restaurant has earned its fame through an excellent menu, unbeatable customer service and better marketing strategy. Well, their patatas bravas are as good as all these things…

1mfs4pke6Bodega Monumental: This winery is not an unfamiliar place for almost everyone living in the district of Sants, although it is outside the usual tourist guides. They have been serving tapas for a looong time but they will surprise you with an innovative recipe.

Elsa and Fred: they serve creative cuisine in the heart of the Born district accompanying their patatas bravas with a soft roasted garlic alioli made with salsa brava and a little of black pepper. Although customer service is not great, their potatoes well worth a visit.

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