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Where to drink cava in Barcelona

Written by Gill

Cava is the bubbly, fruity blood that runs through the veins of northern Spain. Whether toasting, celebrating or just plain old socialising, clinking a cava glass makes any occasion that little bit more special. Here are the best places to enjoy cava in Barcelona.

Photo credit: sheriffmitchell via / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: sheriffmitchell via / CC BY-NC-SA

Xampañería Can Paixano

I could literally write an essay in ode to this little place. Once a hidden gem, Can Paixano is now completely packed, day in, day out. This cava bar in the back streets of Barceloneta is my favourite place in the whole of the city. It is small, unpretentious and absolutely charming. The house cava is delicious, especially the ‘rosato’, and criminally inexpensive – around €5 for a bottle. You must order food with your drink and why wouldn’t you, their food – a range of simple bocadillos, croquettes and sausage plates – is fantastic. As it gets so packed (the tourists have well and truly discovered it I’m afraid), I like visiting for a late breakfast. And what a breakfast it is: a jamon y queso bocadillo, served piping hot, and a glass of bubbly pink joy to wash it down. Heaven.

El Xampanyet

Photo credit: Gandhu & Sarah via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: Gandhu & Sarah via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC

Similar to Can Paixano in that it serves a cracking house cava and plenty of tapas in a traditional setting but El Xampanyet is very slightly more refined – somewhere to sit down (if you can wangle a table) and while away an evening. Shout over the bar that you’d like a table and they will add you to their ‘I’ve taken a mental photo of you face’ queue. Sip one of their many cavas and try one of their cold pintxos or tapas while you wait (the tuna with leeks is particularly special). Once seated, more cava should accompany their great selection of hearty but delicate tapas, which are both traditional and imaginative at the same time.

El Rincon de Cava

One can’t imagine cava coming any cheaper than it does at Can Paixano but it does! Head to El Rincon de Cava (The Cava Corner) in an unassuming street in Poble Sec for good cava for around €0.85 a glass and and €4 a bottle. The tapas are good here too. Amazing value and great cava, a treat for wandering a little further from the centre.

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