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Pastries for Diabetics in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Everybody loves a good pastry. Flaky and sweet, it’s just delicious. Here in Barcelona, local bakeries can make all the mouthwatering varieties of pastries. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy a traditional pastry due to certain dietary restrictions or conditions such as diabetes. Luckily, there a few bakeries that can make these delicious treats in diabetic-friendly versions. Here are a few of the places you can find pastries for diabetics in Barcelona.


Photo via Pixabay

This popular bakery‘s name refers to its specialty in working with chocolate, even in recipes with less sugar and fat. Chök itself is a gourmet donut made in thirty different forms that are much healthier, lighter, and even tastier than regular donuts. At Chök, the bakers understand that not all customers can have that much sugar, so they offer diabetic-friendly sweets, that everyone can enjoy.

Address: Carrer del Carme, 3, 08001 Barcelona

Forn Europa

Photo via Pixabay

Forn Europa makes many pastries for people who want to eat gluten-free or are diabetic and must avoid sugar. They offer vegan croissants with stevia, a natural sweetener that is made for diabetics. They also have oat-based quinoa and corn sweet biscuits with sugar-free chocolate and blueberries. Biscuits and muffins are made with whole wheat. Forn Europa is a natural bakery and a great choice for those who have dietary restrictions but still want to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Address: Carrer del Pare Laínez, 13, 08025 Barcelona

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Foix de Sarria

Photo via Pixabay

Foix de Sarrià quotes the poet J.V. Foix, whose parents founded the place, “I exalt the new, I love the old,” emphasizing their focus on adapting to the times while maintaining their traditional roots. Since 1886, customers have enjoyed their exquisite desserts and delicious cakes. 

In their three locations, bakers make all of their treats with natural yeast and no preservatives. They even use traditional methods for kneading and fermenting the bread. At their cafeteria, you can sit down for a pastry and a cup of tea.  They even offer sugar-free variations for diabetics to enjoy.

Addresses: Carrer Major de Sarrià, 57, 08017 Barcelona (Bakery) and Plaça de Sarrià, 12-13, 08017 Barcelona (Cafeteria)

Just because you’re avoiding sugar doesn’t mean you have to exclude sweets from your diet entirely. At bakeries like these in Barcelona, you can find a variety of diabetic-friendly sweets that taste just as good as the traditional sugary varieties.

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