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A walk in Carrer Comtal

A walk in Carrer Comtal
Written by Paula

Ready to discover another one of Barcelona’s famous shopping streets? Then come with ShBarcelona for a walk in Carrer Comtal.


barcelonaWolala is a fun store that sells a variety of items at very afforable prices. There you can find products for the kitchen and bathroom, suitcases, personal massagers, car accessories, electronic gadgets, toys, sweets, drinks and much more.

Wolala is located at Carrer Comtal 13.


Bpops is a new store that sells take away popcorn and ice cream. At Bpops can choose between a variety of flavors and munch on the go!

Bpops is located at Carrer Comtal 16.

Obey your body

Obey your body is a brand of skincare products created with natural ingredients like herbs and minerals collected all over the world. The brand is directed at men and women, selling products for facial care, body care, and specialized products for darker skins, anti-aging and products specialized for people of advanced age.

Obey your body is located at Carrer Comtal 18.

Espacio de creadores

Espacio de creadores is a clothing store that offers items some of the most prestigious names in Spanish fashion like Julie Sohn, Etxart & Panno, and Roger O. at a reduced price. The store sells exclusively womenswear.

Espacio de creadores is located at Carrer Comtal 22.

Petit Jardi 

Petit Jardi is an adorable flower shop that has been in business since 1959. Petit Jardi is a family business offering a variety of plants and flower arrangements for occasions like birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and other events.

Petit Jardi is located at Carrer Comtal 26.

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Raima is a stationary store chain that has been in business for almost thirty years. Raima’s stores sell products like pens and pencils, notebooks, binders, folders, gift boxes and more. The stores sell several items that can be used for arts and crafts, like yarn, tape, acrylic paints, textile paint, and paintbrushes.

Raima is located at Carrer Comtal, 27.


barcelonaTiger is a Danish store that sells a little bit of everything. There are toys, decoration items, funny gadgets and even food. Take a walk through the maze-like corridors of the store and fall in love with a million and one items at incredibly low prices, with a variety of items costing 1 euro, including ice creams and two-for-one bottles of water for the hotter days.

Tiger is located at Carrer Comtal 32.

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