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Paintball in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city to have fun in! One of the most popular activities available for you to try is paintball. It is a combination of a sport and a game from the 80s that was renewed in 2000s. In teams, players eliminate opponents by hitting them with small balls filled with paint. These are shot from a compressed air gun, using the same technology used by army forces for military training. Paintball can be played indoors or outdoors, as long as there is enough space for people to run around and places to shield themselves. The paintball equipment includes a gun, a mask, a hopper, an air tank and balls. Most games of paintball are played using masks and body armor to protect the body as the hitting of the balls can be quite painful.

Ready to try it? Here are some great places to go for a paintball session in and around Barcelona.

Barcelona Paintball

Photo via Pixabay

Located 15 km from Barcelona, Barcelona Paintball has the largest paintball field in Catalonia. They offer 8 different scenarios for 8 different games, each of them lasting about 10 minutes. There are two ways of playing: as part of an open group or as part of a closed group. Open groups are for any participant who wants to play with other people that they don’t know. Closed groups are for smaller organized gatherings, usually for friends, families or coworkers who come to play together. Paintball is a perfect activity for bachelor parties or birthdays. Starting at 20 euros, their prices include all equipment and insurance. The minimum age to play paintball is 14 and minors need to have parental authorization to do so.

Location: BV-2421, Km 1, 08756 La Palma de Cervelló

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Paintball en Barcelona

Located near one of the most famous monuments in the city, the Sagrada Familia, Paintball en Barcelona is the only place where you can play paintball in the center. Games are played in an indoor area which makes this the safest bet if you are playing during the autumn or winter, or if the weather forecast predicts rain. Prices start at 17 euro (during the week), which comes with 200 paint balls. Kids over 8 years old can join the game, as long as they have parental consent.

Location: Carrer Cartagena, 329

Barcelona Radical

Another place where you can play paintball but which is a little removed from the city center is Barcelona Radical, located in Castellar de Vallès. They offer paintball for kids from 6 to 9 years old, teenagers from 10 to 13 years old, and adults. Prices for the paintball sessions for kids are between 10€ to 21€ (depending on if you want food as well), the sessions for teenagers and for adults cost between 12€ and 22€.

Location: Carrer del Sol, 08211 Castellar del Vallès

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BPS paintball Shop

Photo via Pixabay

BPS Paintball is a great place to buy equipment for paintball games. They sell markers, loaders, tanks, casual gears and every other accessory for a game of paintball. If you like playing woodsball (paintball in a natural area), you will love this shop because it has everything you need. Prices are very affordable and the experienced staff is always ready to advise you on the best products. You can also make your orders online.

Where: Passeig de Sant Joan, 174

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  • Another great place where you can do paintball in the middle of nature is in Can Juliana.
    Where you will be able to practice many more adventure activities: Orientation circuits, gladiator fights ( like “I Survived a Japanese Game Show”), activities with fun slides and much more in the middle of nature.

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