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Best places to go for paella in Sagrada Familia

Written by Diana

The paella is much likely the most famous Spanish dish there is. Although today it can be a quite an expensive dish, its origins are very humble. During the 15th and 16th centuries, farmers from Valencia (a Spanish province known for its rice fields) used to take with them the paellera (the wok where paella is prepared) to the meadows and, at the lunch time, gathered with one another and mixed rice with whatever they brought in the paellera. The original recipe contained mainly rice and vegetables, but it eventually developed to contain tomatoes, meat and seafood.

If you live around the Sagrada Familia neighborhood or usually spend a lot of time there and are looking for a place to eat this traditional dish, try paying a visit to one of the restaurants mentioned below.

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Photo by Víctor Bautista via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND.

Photo by Víctor Bautista via Visualhunt

This restaurant has very good references. Despite it not being very big, it is a cozy place which offers a direct view to the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. They serve Mediterranean food, which includes Italian dishes, such as lasagna. The sangria is good and the paella is great. If you are running low on your budget, this is a nice spot to go for this traditional Spanish dish.

Where: Carrer Mallorca, 434


4 Plats i punt

Creativity is the word that defines this restaurant. Each plate is decorated with full attention to detail. The quality of the ingredients is excellent which is reflected in the flavor of every dish. Any paella here will have a different touch, a new detail that you have never seen before. If you enjoy minimalistic cuisine with a good environment and very professional staff, this is a very good choice at an affordable price.

Where: Carrer de Cartagena, 328

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Firo Tast

Photo by jenny downing via Visualhunt / CC BY.

Photo by jenny downing via Visualhunt

Elegant and with an attractive atmosphere, this restaurant is particularly good due to its staff, always very attentive and friendly. The paella – as any other food there – is delicious and the presentation of every dish is incredible. Their tapas are also a good reason to pay them a visit, since they are among some of the the best oin Barcelona. Firo Tast is not a cheap place but it isn’t too expensive either. It is a nice venue to get together with some friends and eat a good paella while drinking a good beer or a fancy wine.

Where: Av. Gaudi, 83

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