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Music in Barcelona

Written by James

Music lovers from all around the world visit Spain for its unique and inspiring take on music such as solo Spanish guitar concerts. If you are interested in visiting Spain to sample some of its beautiful music then you are highly advised to take a trip to Barcelona as the city is a meeting point for the various genres and styles of music that make up the Spanish scene. Barcelona is host to some of the best gigs and music festivals running today, and the following article will detail some of the top picks. This article will also details on Barcelona apartments to rent.

Live Music in Barcelona

All readers interested in experiencing live music in Barcelona should check out the Sala Apola, a large venue that serves as both a concert hall and nightclub. The venue is host to national and international artists and is constantly putting on shows. Readers interested in attending a jazz club should visit Jamboree, which is famous for hosting concerts with international jazz musicians. The venue is open nightly and is extremely popular with residents of Barcelona. BeCool is also another popular venue, and is responsible for putting on shows covering everything from minimal techno to indie bands. The attending audience varies depending on the show, but you are guaranteed a night of good music regardless of when you go. Readers should check out this Time Out article regarding live music in Barcelona

Music Festivals in Barcelona

Barcelona is also well known for its various music festivals that occur over the year, and music lovers have a range of events to choose from. The Sonar Music Festival is an annual event that showcases electronic music from around the world, and is one of the most successful Spanish festivals in recent history. The festival has been running for twenty years and now host’s events in other cities around the world. The Barcelona Jazz Festival is another event worth nothing, and has been running for over forty-five years. Ticket prices will vary depending on what concerts you wish to attend, and the festival itself runs for over a month during autumn. The Party Earth website has a more cohesive guide to the various festivals that occur in Barcelona.

Renting an Apartment in Barcelona

Obviously if you are planning on visiting Barcelona you are going to need to find some form of accommodation for the duration of your stay. The majority of people living in Barcelona reside in one of the city’s many apartments, and there are plenty of rental agencies you can choose from. However, it’s a good idea to work with companies such as ShBarcelona, as they have a large range of properties to choose from and are extremely flexible with their length of stay, making them ideal for short and long-term rental in Barcelona.


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