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Museum of Ideas and Inventions of Barcelona

Written by Adriana

A little over a year the inventor Pep Torres and his team opened, in the heart of Barcelona (C/Ciutat number 7, just behind the Plaza Sant Jaume), the Miba, or put another way, the Museum of Ideas and Inventions of Barcelona. His intention was to show to the visitors inventions that, although at first glance seem useless, we could use all of them in our daily routine to make it easier and more bearable. Some of these devices are already successfully sold at stores and the rest of them have so much potential that I wonder why they aren’t already selling them.

The Inventions

Photo by ironypoisoning via Visualhunt

Photo by ironypoisoning via Visualhunt

At Miba museum you can find an anti-gas cushion made of carbon that absorbs odors and noise, a glove with special hooks to avoid stooping to for pegs, a dustpan with an incorporated brush, a pot that moves towards the sun and even a scale that compares your weight to famous people weight. But watch out, as the motto of this museum says “not everything is invented”, and there is still room for more ideas and creations. So the director of this space organizes seminars, courses, meetings and workshops, and is home to temporary exhibitions as a continuously and consistently way to generate new ideas of participants and attendees. Miba’s activities and exhibitions attract audiences of all ages, but are especially positive for children, as they are more receptive to new ideas and to create them themselves. In this sense, the museum has an educational program that invites young students to interact with the subject inventions.

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MIBA awaits you

Miba’s slide

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur and you have an idea or prototype you want to share, the Miba has a space next to its permanent collection, to give visibility to your creation. And if you haven’t had that brilliant idea you have been waiting, take a walk among the inventions describes in these two floors connected by a slide, and awaken your dormant imagination. Enjoy the city of Barcelona 100% with the best rental apartments in Barcelona that we offer in ShBarcelona. Spend a few unforgettable months in the city staying in the best holiday apartments in Barcelona.

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