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We Are Going To The Movies

Written by Enrique

There is nothing better after a long day of work than kicking off the work shoes, cozying up with the warmest of attires, and putting on your favourite movie. The buttery smell of the popcorn cooking on the stove while you grab a glass to pour your ice-cold soda… This phenomenal past time has been and continues to be enjoyed on the daily by hundreds of people all over the world. But there is a big difference between watching a movie at home and watching a one at a movie theater.

Great Traditions

StyleCinema is a multicultural attraction that has been delighting viewers for decades. Although today’s world is a slightly more exigent in terms of delivery and quality, the art of the cinema has remained strong. It is no fact nonetheless, that the price for watching a movie at a theater has increased drastically. Unfortunately this turn of events has deterred some of its loyal audience away. This was the case however until now.

Barcelona houses numerous amounts of cinemas all throughout the city. You can find any sort of theater that will fit your standard with quite some ease. Theaters offer anything from 3D to foreign independent films. With such a vast selection for opportunity, theaters in Barcelona posses the ability to entertain regardless what your taste may be. However, the exploration of hundreds of magical titles the art of the cinema has yet to exposed has never been more accessible. More and more cinemas all throughout Barcelona are making their entrance more financially accessible.

DarkThe Magic Continues

Theaters all throughout the city are offering specials almost every day of the week. Ranging anywhere from two euro with fifty cents to five euro specials, Movie going has never been more affordable. This change was necessary in order to compete with outrageously debilitating success Blu-ray has had in the movie industry. Personally, there is no better way to watch a movie then to attend the show at a nearby cinema. The loud treble in perfect with bass and highs, are no match to some industrially packaged digital rendition of the film. Without a moment’s hesitation will attendance to the movies be questioned. Any individual can comfortably watch a movie while keeping a shekel or two in the pocket.

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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