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(Last Minute) costumes for a Halloween in crisis

Written by Adriana

Have you been invited to a Halloween party and you don’t have a good costume yet? If you don’t have neither the time nor the money to successfully solve this problem, from ShBarcelona we want to give you some original and funny ideas for your costume to be a huge success. There are many possibilities and they don’t require a big money investment or stick to the typical vampire or sexy witch costume, use a little imagination!

Photo by Jacob Barss-Bailey via Visualhunt

Photo by Jacob Barss-Bailey via Visualhunt

– Google Maps: For this costume you just need a big red card that you must cut with the typical upside-down teardrop shape of Google Maps to pinpoint locations on a map. Make a hole in the center of this figure to put you head through and draw on top of it a large “A” (as you see in the picture). The result is unmistakable!

– McKayla Maroney: McKayla was one of the gymnasts of the recent London Olympics that won a gold medal for the United States. That and a picture of her with a very characteristic gesture earned her the recognition of an entire country. Well, actually she became more famous for that hieratic face. For this costume you just need a sporty sweater, a U.S. flag attached to the flap, a yellow card and a ribbon to make a false medal and learn to imitate McKayla gesture. If you’re a girl and you have long hair wear a ponytail, but a wig can work perfectly.

– Breaded cat: On the Internet there are thousands of pictures of “breaded” cats with their heads framed by a slice of bread. Surely these animals are not very happy with the “joke”, but their owners are having a great time with their pets’ expression of bewilderment. Now it’s time for you to have such a bad time! Make a false piece of bread with a foam board (or a porexpan) and two identical images of a large toast, and drill a hole in the center for you to put the head. Make up yourself with a cat nose and whiskers, put a cat ears headband and … voilà!

Photo roadhouse57 via Visualhunt

Photo roadhouse57 via Visualhunt

Grapes: This is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable costumes of all but also the most attractive. Buy some purple balloons, inflate them and stick them throughout your body making sure you can move your arms without any problem. With a card or a piece of green cloth you must simulate some grape leaves that will be placed on top of your head. If you have a purple sweater or tights put them on and the result will be perfect

– Closed Door: This is a costume for the really lazy people. You just need a brown T-shirt and a doorknob. Hang this last element to your neck, draw a wood grain on the T-shirt with a darker brown pencil, combine everything with brown pants and you have a perfect costume of a closed door…

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