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MeetUp creates networking events based on your interests

Written by Adriana

Networking meetings are very important to start your own business surrounded by people who knows better than you how to do it. But once you start being successful on what you do you always would need to improve your net, so networking is the best way for your business to grow up. Also, if you are interested in something (electronics, go jogging, marketing, apps, etc.) you will probably want to join with people that share that same hobby to learn more about it, or to be in touch with them, talk and share knowledge. So, in any way, all that meetings you are looking for, you will find them at MeetUp website, a platform to create social or networking events in your city. ShBarcelona have interviewed Joey Garr, host and organizer of Fashion, Dining and Networking in Barcelona to know a little bit more about this website….

What is MeetUp?

Meetup is a social networking platform started out of New York. It creates social events based on your interests. Anyone can start their own meetup group for a small monthly fee or join an existing one.

Why did you start your own meetup group? What is your story?

I started my meetup because so many people were coming to visit or move to Barcelona and were always asking me to take them out and introduce them to people and show them the city. I took my love of fashion. I am a stylist and I do home and fashion makeovers. I also love to eat and explore new restaurants. I love to meet new people. So I based my meetup group on people with similar interest and combine my networking  events at fashionable restaurants, etc.



How does exactly work MeetUp?

You pick your city and what interests you simply RSVP. It’s a pretty easy way to have a social life when moving or visiting a new city. What can we find there? You name it, everything from sports, wine tastings, food experiences, sailing, tours, language exchange, the arts, etc.

What kind of people use MeetUp?

All kinds and all ages. I have met so many people from all over the World.

What was the people response regarding the service you offer?

The purpose of my group Fashion, dining and Networking in Barcelona is to introduce new arrivals and tourists to expats and locals while exploring different experiences in Barcelona.

Where can we use MeetUp?

Meetup has over 15 million members and is in 196 countries.

Can you tell us your Meetup plans?

I am always looking for the next best spot or some cool restaurant or clothing store off the beaten path.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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