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Mateo Franjo talks about his Sunday Parties “¡Qué trabaje Rita!”

Written by Adriana

A “tea dance” party has come from Madrid to Barcelona to animate the sad Sunday afternoons. There’s a Spanish expression that expresses perfectly how much are you looking forward to work on a Monday which is “¡Qué trabaje Rita!”, the name of these party. Mateo Franjo, also known as TheHighHeels in his role as DJ, is the creator of these successful afternoon parties, that join a transvestites show withSpanish nightlife characters and with a lot of music to offer, as a result, a lot of fun. “¡Qué trabaje Rita!” is a party for all audiences to start the week with a smile on your face (or with a hangover, but with joy, which is important). We let himself explain it better:

What is “¡Qué trabaje Rita!” and how the idea of doing this party came up?

The parties have no rules, only to have fun. Regardless of gender, status and age, everybody is welcomed to “¡Qué trabaje Rita!”. They are “tea dance” parties at Sunday afternoon with performances by famous artists nationwide, along with our transvestites cast and DJs and pop music. The show is very entertaining, funny, everything can happen in there. The idea came from a group of friends at a house meeting, we used to dress up and impersonate artists, we played music, but everyone was complaining about having to go to work the next day, so we use to say “¡Qué trabaje Rita!” all the time. So it became the name of the party when we got the opportunity to do our first party at Charada Madrid on January the 13th, in 2013. Since then the party has become so popular that we had to change the venue in Madrid, we started doing it at Sala Apolo in Barcelona and we slowly begin to grow up as a show and a party.

Who ‘s behind your organization? What is your background?

Well, I am behind all this, my name is Mateo Franjo (TheHighHeels) but I have a lot of people helping me. Much of the artists are very good friends and professionals and I give them no guidelines, I trust them and I love their ideas and performances. Both our hostess Supremme de Luxe, our godmother La Prohibida, our vedettes Las Gloo Gloo Girls, Úrsula Estar, Porca Madonna, our Isabel Pantoja, Agu Lukke, our Beyonce… I also have Susan Ford, who is my secretary and right hand, great with social media, my friend Santi and my staff in Barcelona Ferran Poca, Ernesto Gonzalez and Estefan Loren that makesmy work much easier.

Who has been at “¡Qué trabaje Rita!” and who is coming?

We had so many artists this year. In the previous question I have mentioned our permanent staff that comes with us each party we hold, but collaborating with us we also have Albert Bohemme, Psicótika, Kika Lorace, Pupi Poisson, Elvira Durango, Las Fellini, Rita Singing, Psicósis Gonsales and many others like Crawford & Pepino, Laura Put & Eduardo Casanova, Los Jemelos de Fangoria, Destrozonas and a long list of top artists like Yurena, La Veneno, María Jesús y su acordeón and others such as Mario and Marta Vaquerizo at our next party and others VIP in this second season and upcoming dates that I can’t yet reveal… But it goes on and on and lots of surprises are coming.

What music and what kind of show do you offer ?

We offer pop music, house pop, electro pop, hits, remixes, music that you have been listing all your life, all very danceable and fun. We have a transvestites show, all of them great artists who sing their own songs as La Prohibida, Supremme or Las Shimai and others that doesn’t sing but have great talent, all that combined with music stars who visit us. A varied show, nothing heavy, very visual and fun I recommend to everyone that hasn’t come yet.

How has the reception of the people who come to the party been?

There are always small complaints that can’t be avoided (is too hot, a person who doesn’t like the show, queue at the door…). But thankfully the party is becoming huge and hundreds of people who are faithful to us leave countless messages thanking us for what we do, such as “Thanks for existing” or “Thanks for saving my Sundays”. We make many people happy with our parties and our guest artists and with that and the applause, the public with a happy face, etc., we can improve.

It is said that Barcelona’s Sundays are boring and that is difficult to do a party this day of the week. Is that true? 

I don’t really know if is difficult to do a party on Sunday in Barcelona. I’m from Madrid, but we sold out the two shows we have done in Barcelona at 6pm, so… What I believe is that the Sunday “tea dance” is necessary, people love it and we give all the best of ourselves, this is going further for the moment.

What do you think about the Barcelona nightlife?

As I say, I’m not aware of Barcelonesa nightlife, but if I have many friends living here who tell me that things were a little boring lately and needed a party like ours. Since we started making it in Madrid, people started to ask us to bring it to Barcelona and that we had to make the Catalan version. Since then we have only received good feedback and good vibes from the Barcelona public.

Tell us all about the upcoming “¡Qué trabaje Rita!”…

I can’t tell you much… I can only say to check out our Facebook page where 2 weeks before the next date we will begin to reveal the artists that will be part of it. You will be amazed by our new show, our guests, and our new performances to cheer up people…

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