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The Mapfre Foundation in Barcelona

Written by Paula

For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Mapfre is one of the most famous insurance companies in Spain, founded over eighty years ago.

In 1976, Mapfre created the Mapfre Foundation, a private charitable foundation that offers grants for a variety of charitable purposes, mainly in Spanish-speaking countries.

Social Causes

museum barcelonaOne of the fields supported by the Mapfre Foundation is the one of Social Causes. The company has created programs, published material, and offered care to people with disabilities and their families; support education as a development tool, and help those who are at risk of social exclusion to be placed in the work industry.

Health Promotion

The Mapfre Foundation aims to make people more conscious of the importance of having healthy life habits. It does so by creating add campaigns, organizing congresses, offering training and courses, publishing investigation work, and giving out awards such as “Best action to prevent accidents.”, “Best solidarity action”, and “Best environmental management”.

Road Safety and Prevention

The Mapfre Foundation has created a series of resources and materials for people to get informed about road safety. There are educational programs, sensitization programs, training, projects and conferences.

Educate Your World

The Mapfre Foundation has created meeting point for the education community that can be used by schools and education professionals to access resources and exchange ideas.

Culture and History

The Mapfre Foundation has a strong Culture and History program that offers a variety of exhibits, classes, publications and grants for both specialists and the general public.

museum barcelonaIn Barcelona, the foundation has the Sala Fundación Mapfre, inside Casa Garriga i Nogués, at Carrer de la Diputació, 250. There, visitors can see exhibits that feature work from the beginning of the pictorial modernism and work by the great masters of photography.  Some of the exhibits that have been feature at Sala Fundación Mapfre were “Impressionism”, “John Gutmann.”, “Made in Usa. American art from the Phillips Collection”, and “Jean Paul Gaultier. Fashion Universe. From the streets to the stars”.

The Mapfre Foundation has offered a number of awards and grants to those connected to the world of artistic creation and literary journalism: Premio Penagos de Dibujo, Auda Bienal Augusto García Viñolas, and Ayuda Bienal de Archivos.

The Cultural division of the Mapfre Foundation also offers a program of pedagogical activities, dynamic visits and visits+workshops connected to their current exhibits. These activities are directed to young people, adults or families.

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