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100 Years of Health: L’Hospital del Mar

100 Years of Health: L’Hospital del Mar
Written by Enrique

100 Years of Health L’Hospital del Mar

Medicine is the closest we have gotten to a universal language. With thousands of procedures available today, medicine has allowed millions of individuals to have or regain a more qualitative life. Regardless of how often procedures are being utilized, important changes and modifications to these occur on a regular basis. It is also important to consider that millions of people are sick daily, for this reason medicine is required to adapt at a rapid pace.

Communities around the world benefit from better medical facilities as well as their ability to provide treatments with much more efficiency. Spain offers one of the most accommodating healthcare system for natives as well as foreigners. This has been due to the increasing necessity for cheaper reforms. Though Spain faced an economic crisis, its health care system was able to remain as strong and as equally if not more attentive to its patients than ever before.

Barcelona has been able to distinguish itself by having some of the best treatments in the country, as well as some of the top rated patient satisfaction. Barcelona houses ten different hospitals all throughout the city. This allows patients to be exposed to any sort of necessary treatment or facility. Each hospital hosts their special type of treatment. Treatments range from concentrated pediatric care to intensive neurological research.

L’Hospital del Mar

HospitalL’Hospital del Mar in Barcelona has had its doors open for almost 100 years now. This hospital is located on the eastern end of Barceloneta. This hospital has one of the most well rounded dispositions of treatments. Qualified as one of the best hospitals in Barcelona in the field of oncology, L’Hospital del Mar houses some of the best cancer treatments in the nation. The oncology department and its treatments are supervised by an extremely heartfelt staff. Not only do they offer professional guidance, they also ease the transition into such a difficult disease.

With highly innovative architecture and one of the most serene views out there, this hospital also holds some of the most advanced physical therapy facilities across the nation. These facilities have helped thousands of patients regain a physical ability that has suffered some sort of atrophy. This hospital complies with state of the art instruments that deliver truly personalized treatments. This has enabled patients to customize their treatments, granting better results on a patient to patient basis.

What makes L’Hospital del Mar a truly unique healthcare facility is their willingness to allow such flexible opportunities for volunteer work. This hospital works closely with several organizations that provide different types of humanitarian work. This incredible facility has been changing people’s lives for nearly a century. In fact this November you will be able to celebrate 100 years of service with some of the nicest most amazing medical staff in the nation.

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