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MUHBA: Museu d’Historia de Barcelona

Written by Christine

Barcelona is a city that is rich in culture and history which spans back centuries through different civilizations, rulers, and peoples. Walking through the streets and neighborhoods of the city you can see and feel the different movements in architecture, art, and social change throughout the years. To learn more about the development and the history of Barcelona, you should take a visit to the MUHBA, the Museum of the History of Barcelona.

The museum and its history

Photo by cgespino via Visualhunt

Efforts to creative a museum dedicated to the history of Barcelona go all the way back to 1929 during the International Exposition, in which several artifacts from the city were put on display for the public. In the following years, a museum was established and in 1931 it was decided that it would be built in the Plaça del Rei. During construction, a large archaeological site was uncovered, part of the ancient site of Barcino, a Roman settlement. In addition to building the museum, the founders now had a large project to uncover and restore the archaeology that was resting below. This site is integral to the museum as we know it today, as it is one of the most impressive and memorable parts of the tour.

Address: Plaça del Rei, s/n

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Associated historical sites

While the main museum is located in the Gothic neighborhood in Plaça del Rei, there are also several sites across the city that are associated with MUHBA. These sites serve as significant reminders of the city’s past and heritage sites with cultural importance. The Temple of Augustus is a great example of this, a Roman temple that dates back to the first century BC. The temple is located at a short walk from the museum and is a great view into what life in ancient Barcelona was like. You can also visit the Santa Caterina Market which also has Roman ruins underneath. Some other famous heritage sites include The Bunkers, Parc Güell, and Fabra i Coats.

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Collections and artifacts

Photo by via Visualhunt

In addition to the several heritage sites and archaeological digs across the city, the museum is home to many important collections and artifacts that show Barcelona through the ages. There are more than 30,000 pieces that have been collected that help us to know what life has been like for the citizens of Barcelona, from the times of the Romans until the present. The museum‘s main goal is to preserve pieces that help us to understand cultural events, such as festivals, parades, and parties, and to preserve these as a part of the history of Barcelona. The staff of the museum works tirelessly and it is estimated that the collection grows by about 5000 pieces every year. Even if you have been to MUHBA before, pieces are always being added so you are always guaranteed to find something new and interesting.

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