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“La Monroe” at the Catalonia Film Archive, the most cinephile bar

Written by Adriana

This place has been open for less than an year but for its location and for other reasons that we are going to reveal here it has already a large number of loyal customers who don’t lose the opportunity to sit in one of their tables and enjoy a beer and some “tapas”. The bar, already known as “La Monroe de la Filmo” is part of the rehabilitation project of the Raval neighborhood that the City Council is holding since some years ago. This area was before kind of dangerous but now is la monroeemerging as a tourist area and improving its infrastructures, which benefits neighbors and, in general, the inhabitants of Barcelona. From ShBarcelona we always emphasize the positive aspects of this wonderful city and we want to invite you to discover yourself this place in the center!

If you go to the Film Archive of Catalonia, located in a plaza between the Parallel Avenue and the Rambla (at Salvador Seguí square), one of the best options to make time before the film starts is going to La Monroe, a “cool” bar with good cuisine and affordable prices. Oh, and with very nice waiters and waitresses, which is very difficult to find sometimes.

What can you eat there?

la monroeThe menu of this tribute to Marilyn Monroe in the bar shape, is varied; you can find a very complete breakfast with toasts of all kinds, sandwiches, snacks, very typical and delicious Spanish tapas, healthy salads or more complete dishes like salmon ceviche with chopped vegetables, brown trout and eggs, crepe stuffed with vegetables or Mediterranean hake with tomato, feta cheese and spicy, among others. Yummy!

la monroeThe place has an interior part integrated into the ground floor of the Film Archive building, and an outer part, an excellent terrace where guests can enjoy drinks in summer or winter (thanks to the stoves and plastics around it). The floor of La Monroe is the street of the square in which it is placed, and has a wooden decor with metallic and green tones, with high and low tables spread around wisely. This creates a dynamic, spacious and cosmopolitan atmosphere in a neighborhood that really needed it. If you want to run away from the small bars that sometimes are in this neighborhood, you will not have that problem here.

“El Raval” area

If you want to maximize your stay in one of our rental apartments in Barcelona, whatever the neighborhood where you stay is, you should discover the whole city, without missing any neighborhood. And one of the most authentic is the Raval area, with lots of places to socialize.

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