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Know some of the most famous shops at Verdi street

Written by Adriana

If you’re walking through the emblematic district of Gracia for sure you will cross at some point in the trajectory of Verdi street, one of the most famous in this area, and in which most of the business and cultural focus is. From ShBarcelona we encourage you to know the street in first person and choose your favorite places wether you do it before going to watch a movie at Cinema Verdi, a Sunday while walking with your family, friends or partner, or just passing by after work. You always will find lots of people and activity in Verdi Street, here are some of the stores that we invite you to discover there…

cukorÇukor: If you love sweets this pop-up shop of handmade sweets will be your new temple of devotion from now on. On it Peter Nagi, Jabier Poveda and Manuel Abraham, are responsible for elaborating the candies by their own inside the workshop for your pleasure. They themselves are also those who are responsible for selling the candies and teaching creative workshops for adults and children. We are sure you will not leave Cukor empty handed… (58 Verdi Street)

d-lirioD-lirio: the accessories of this store will be one of the best gifts that you probably could give away this Christmas. The handmade jewelry is what people like the most, but this store also sell beautiful decorative objects, very nice bags and shoes. Look for the low-cost options and buy something unique, original and with an exclusive design. (11 Verdi Street)

vos-shopThe VOS Shop: If you’re sick and tired of dressing with clothes that everybody already wears, walking down the Verdi street you will find this shop that will open a world of possibilities in your closet. With brands such as Religion, Dr. Denim, Nümph, Muro.exe, Gsus, Mohekann and others, you will not get bored of what you’re wearing, although maybe there are more expensive prices than in the usual big clothing stores. (24 Verdi Street)

Marudama: here you will find everything you need to make your own jewelry. If there is anything better than giving away something of great economic value is giving away something you made yourself and therefore has great sentimental value. In Marudama they give you all the tools to make your gifts to be unique. (8 Verdi Street)

rekup&coRekup & Co: it seems that for the self-taught designer and owner of this shop, Emmanuel Wagnon, there is nothing that can’t be made by recycling wood and iron: furniture and frames made of pallets, a rocker made with a coil, unique design lamps for lighting any room, unique decorative items, etc. (61 Verdi Street)

costuretas social clubCosturetas Social Club: all self-taught “tailors” who don’t have any sewing equipment (sewing machines, cutting table or other tools) can find it in this “social club” located in a former florist shop, with a hydraulic mosaic still preserved inside. There is no age limit or gender restrictions to go there, and you can also buy the creations of some local designers. (81 Verdi Street)

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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