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Literary Festivals in Barcelona

Written by James

Barcelona is host to some of the most exciting and interesting festivals in the whole of Europe, and people come from all over the world to partake in the various music and theatre festivals that occur in the city. However, Barcelona is fast becoming renowned for its literary festivals, and book lovers everywhere should aware of what goes on. The following article will examine the different literary festivals running annually in the city, and it will also provide information regarding Barcelona apartment rentals and how to find suitable accommodation.

Literary Festivals in Barcelona

There are two main literary festivals that occur in Barcelona, and another that whilst not being an official literary festival is definitely of great interest to book lovers.

Sant Jordi Festival

Although the Sant Jordi Festival is not an official literary festival per se, it is definitely worth checking out if you have a passion for books. Sant Jordi is the Spanish equivalent of St. Valentine’s Day and occurs on the 23rd of April. On this day people all over the city meet up with loved ones and swap books, and parts of the city are filled with stalls selling new and second-hand books. The Sant Jordi Festival is a great chance to search for rare or hard to find books, and you will be very happy with the vast selection of books to choose from.


The Kosmopolis International Festival of Literature is a massive event that takes place every two years. The festival lasts for five days and is located in various areas of the city associated with literature. Workshops and showcases are held, and various international authors attend and speak about their work. There are also numerous stalls set up around the city offering every genre of literature available. The Kosmopolis International Festival of Literature is a must attend for any true fan of this art form.


BCNegra is an annual event that celebrates the very best in crime and mystery fiction. Crime fiction authors from around the world attend the event and it is a great way for fans to meet authors. The highlight of BCNegra is definitely the awarding of the Carvalho award, which is presented to crime and mystery authors who write the best stories. Barcelona Yellow had further information about this festival on their website.

Renting in Barcelona

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