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Interview with Hector Aguirrebeña from Jack Builder

Written by Paula

Barcelona is an exciting city for musicians and music lovers. There are a number of independent artists and bands popping up every year, enriching the city’s musical scene.

Today, we are going to have a little talk with Hector Aguirrebeña from the band Jack Builder, which has been making its mark in Barcelona’s indie scene.

When did you discover you wanted to be a musician?

Jack BuilderIt came to me when I was a teenager like it usually does to most people. When I was a  kid I had, let’s call it a “hobby crisis”. I tried practicing several sports, piano, classical guitar. I was never good at the first, and I didn’t feel motivated by the way music was taught to me. I think I was too young and feeling forced to have any kind of hobby made me dislike it.

One day while listening to music I felt this impulse and suddenly knew that learning to play the drums was all I wanted to do. I think it had to do with me breaking my arm at the age of… around 13, like a natural response. Since then it’s been all about the music, with ups and downs of course. Even though I am now channeling all my energies into making new songs and playing guitar, I will always be a drummer inside.

How would you describe your style of music?

I don’t think I can put a label on my music. It has some touches of folk, alternative or 90’s rock, and indie (although anything is called indie nowadays). Overall, I try to play what comes out of me and I try not to feel confined. I would like to be able to give my music a personal touch that anyone could recognize, staying away from easy labels.

What are your influences?

Most of my main influences are alternative rock bands from the 90’s. My favorites are Pearl Jam, PJ Harvey, Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, amongst many others. It’s hard to determine which band has influenced me the most, even amongst the ones I haven’t listed. However, during the past years, I have discovered several albums that have completely hypnotized me and hooked me up, and which I would say have influenced me more than I think. Examples of these are Aventine by Agnes Obel, Eight Houses by She Keeps Bees, Metals by Feist or We Slept at Last by Marika Hackman.

How did you come up the name Jack Builder?

Jack Builder is a character from the novel “The Pillars of the Earth”. I read this novel when I was a teenager. Don’t ask me why, my mind simply brought this name up and it sounded nice to me. It really got stuck into the back of my head. Not only the story of this character but the fact that I build guitar pedals and jacks (cables), made me think that was the name that suited this project best.

What can we expect from Jack Builder in the future?

a1725362793_16For now, my mind has been thinking “electric”, but the few gigs I’ve played in have been unplugged and in small venues. It’s not a coincidence that the EP wasn’t recorded completely with an acoustic guitar. Since the recording of our new EP, we have been trying to take the songs to a new and richer level. Right now we are planning to play live as a full band and in bigger venues. This and promoting the band are the hardest goals for us right now. On the other hand, my personal goal is to be able to make better songs every time and being able to make music as a job and not as a hobby. Currently, I am working on new songs, and I hope we can release a full album by the end of this year.

Where can fans go to learn the dates of your next concerts?

For now, we are only visible on Bandcamp and Facebook. I believe these are the main platforms used by musicians and listeners, at least here in Spain. Anyone interested in our music can listen to our EP “Individuals” in our Bandcamp and follow our concert dates using Facebook. As soon as we have some more concerts in our agenda, we will begin using specialized webs such as Songkick or Bandsintown. I personally find those very handy, totally recommendable!

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