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Leisure and Culture

Barcelona’s free pub crawls

Written by Paula

If there’s an activity involving partying, you can find it in Barcelona. Home of a young and eclectic population, Barcelona a city that only sleeps when the party is over – and in Barcelona, the party is never over.

One activity that is very popular among locals and foreigners is the pub crawl.

pub3What is a pub crawl?

A pub crawl is a gathering of people that move from bar to bar to have a drink, going through a number of establishments in one night. The name “pub crawl” originated in England where this activity takes place frequently.  The “crawl” part refers to the fact that by the end of the night it’s common for some of the participants to leave the bar crawling as a result of the amount of alcohol consumed in one night.

Why go to a pub crawl?

Pub crawls provide good opportunities to discover new places in town and socialize, hanging out with friends or meeting new people.

Free Pub crawls in Barcelona

Meetup is a good website to find a variety of activities for free or a lower price. One of the groups that offer pub crawls is BARNA BRITISH BULLDOGS This is a group for those who enjoy the British culture and would like to join in some activities related to Britain. You don’t have to be British to participate in the BARNA BULLDOGS events, which include bar crawls, comedy nights, Sunday roasts, English theatre/cinema, live music and curry nights.


If you are on any kind of medication be sure to inform yourself if you can mix the medication with alcohol.

Walk or use public transportation to get to the event and to come back home. Under no circumstances should you drive if you have been consuming alcohol during the night as such would represent a great danger to you and others.

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