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Discover the French culture in Barcelona

Written by Christine

Barcelona is known for being one of the most international cities in Europe as it is a blend of cultures and people. If you’re an expat living in Barcelona and looking to meet some more of your fellow countrymen or simply want to learn and immerse yourself more in other cultures, then you’re in just the right place. For all those who consider themselves a Francophile, read on to learn about the French culture in Barcelona.

French cuisine

Photo via Pixabay

One of the highest-rated French restaurants in Barcelona is L’Escale Bistrot, where you can get a great taste of French cuisine at very reasonable prices. Sample French classics like paté, beef tartare, and tasty cheeses that will transport you to France with just a single bite. Another good bet is Délices de France, an eatery that was established in 1966 and, as the name suggests, serves French delicacies every day. Treat your senses to the tastes that elevated this cuisine to the top of the world. In September 2015, L’Atelier opened, a French bistro that offer classics with a modern update. Extremely fresh and affordable, this is a restaurant not to be missed for lovers of French food.

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Products and shopping

If you are looking to buy French products in Barcelona, then look no further. Ma Petite Épicerie sells the best French imports like wines, desserts, and condiments that can spice up any meal. As the French are known for their pastries and desserts, you can bet that you can find some delicious treats like cakes, cookies, and waffles. You can also stop by Épicerie Melanie which is another French supermarket where you can buy cheeses, pastries, and foods that are shipped directly from France. Pick up some wine, cheese and eclairs and you’re all set for a fun and tasty picnic in any of Barcelona’s beautiful parks or green spaces. Shop at these stores to take home a little taste of France home with you.

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Language and culture

Photo via Pixabay

French is a language that is in demand right now across Europe, and for that there are many language schools that offer French lessons and courses. A good place to start is the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas which is known for its quality courses and affordable prices. The EOI is quite popular so sign up quick! Many language academies across Barcelona also offer French, like the Institut Français. Sign up for a French course and you’ll be speaking like a Parisian in no time.

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Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!

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