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How to tell if you have become a “Barcelonian”

Written by Paula

You have a subway pass

barcelona barcelonaA great number of the people living in Barcelona choose to move around using public transportation, rather than having their own vehicle. The most popular form of public transportation in Barcelona is the subway. If one of the items you check if you have on you before leaving the house is your subway pass, then you have become a Barcelonian.

You do the Vermut

El Vermut is refers not only to the drink (vermouth), but the habit of having appetizers and a drink before lunch time, towards the end of the morning. If you are one of the hundreds of people across the city that can be found sitting on the bar’s or restaurant’s terrace, basking in the sunlight while enjoying some chips, olives and a beverage, then you have become a Barcelonian.

You attend all major celebrations

Dia de Sant Jordi, San Joan, Festa Major, Festas de la Mercè…  the citizens of Barcelona like to celebrate, and who are we to stop it? Every event brings joy, color and music to the city, making people go out to celebrate together. If you are one of the hundreds of people that go out to celebrate every major event or holiday in the city, then guess what you have become? A Barcelonian.

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You do the siesta        

The siesta doesn’t only refer to a post-lunch nap, but a period during the afternoon, between 2 and 5pm, where a lot of establishments close so those who work in them can have lunch and spend time with their families. If you take a nap after you’ve had lunch or you don’t work between 2 and 5pm, you have become a Barcelonian.

You know the dates of all music festivals

Barcelona is one of the coolest places for music lovers. There are concerts happening all the time, and a handful of music festivals that take place annually.  If you have learned the dates of all the major music festivals in the city, you have become a Barcelonian.

You have travelled with accordion players

barcelona barcelonaIf you are visiting Barcelona and during that time have taken the subway, you have probably crossed paths with someone playing an instrument or singing in one of the station’s corridors.

If on top of that you have had the “pleasure” of riding the subway with men playing the accordion a couple of times, then, my friend, you have become a Barcelonian.

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