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How to spend a day in the air in Barcelona

How to spend a day in the air in Barcelona
Written by Paula

If you always wondered what it would be like to fly, try jumping from an airplane. You won’t have the gracefulness of a bird moving its gentle wings while sliding through the air, but you will be able to enjoy things from its point of view, as you scream your way down.

Here are some of the companies that offer skydiving in Barcelona:

extreme sports barcelonaLifestyle Barcelona

Lifestyle Barcelona is a company that offers a variety of activities in Barcelona and its surrounding area.

You can find Lifestyle Barcelona at Carrer Mallorca 260-262.

Adventures Barcelona

Adventures Barcelona is another company that organizes activities for groups and individuals.

Adventures Barcelona is located at Paseo del Bosque 10-12 in Castelldefels.

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Walk on air

Bosc Urbá is an urban adventure park where visitors can spend the day practicing a variety of activities. Zip wires, nets, creepers, suspension bridges, trunks on platforms are some of the more than fifty activities offered by the adventure park. Bosc Urbá has prepared three circuits with various levels of difficulty for people of different age ranges and with different levels of experience.

Bosc Urbá is located at Parc del Forum.

Jump from a bridge

Want to feel adrenaline while plummeting towards the ground? Then bungee jumping is the activity for you! Try it with:

Lifestyle Barcelona Carrer Mallorca 260-262.

Bosc Urbá Parc del Fórum.

Go Ballooning

Ballooning is a pleasant and awe-inspiring activity where you reach great highs by riding on a hot air balloon, from which you can appreciate the views. There are several companies in Barcelona that offer ballooning services. Here are some of them:


Ballooning takes place 30 minutes away from Barcelona, in Cardedeu.

Kon Tiki

Kon Tiki offers balloon flights in various locations in Catalonia, the closest ones to Barcelona being Cardedeu, Vic, and Montserrat. There are also rides leaving from Costa Brava, the Pyrenees and Leida.

Balloon Flights Barcelona

Balloon Flights Barcelona offers balloon flights at Montseny (Cardedeu and Vic), Montserrat (Manresa and Igualada), Costa Brava – Ampurdán (Figueras and Verges) and Pirineos – La Cerdaña (Alp).

Take a helicopter tour


Cathelicporters is a company based at Barcelona’s heliport, at Passeig de l’Escullera, at Moll Adossat at Barcelona. The company offers four different tours that you can choose from: Barcelona Sky Tour, BCN Costa Tour, Montserrat + BCN Sky Tour, and BCN from the top.

Go Flyboarding

extreme sports barcelonaThe Flyboard consists of a water jetpack attached to a personal watercraft which offers enough propulsion to make the board “fly”. If you have never seen a Flyboard before and are having a difficult time imagining it, picture yourself emerging from the sea, rising up in the air with blasts of water shooting from under your feet.

Flyboarding is a huge touristic attraction in Barcelona, a city with an abundance of beaches bathed by the warm and calm Mediterranean Sea.

Here are some companies with which you can try Flyboarding:

Lifestyle Barcelona Carrer Mallorca, 260.

Flyboard Club Barcelona 

Carrer de Villarroel, 1, with meeting points at Port Fòrum in Barcelona and Port Ginesta in Castelldefels.


BCNShop is an online service that sells tickets and packages for those who want to experience romance, good food, relaxation, adrenaline, nature, and much more.

The website offers the opportunity to buy a Flyboard activity package organized by Corsa Nàutica, a company specialized in leisure activities.

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