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Barcelona newspapers in english

Written by James

Did you know you can read most major Spanish newspapers, including the well known El Pais, in English?  Spain’s top media manage to keep an English version online for their worldwide audience.

In most cases, the English edition enjoys a comprehensive editing team as the publication in the local language, with rich content and complete coverage of what makes the news in the country.

For example, El Pais, which can be found on the net at, reports without any deduction on stories of social interest, along with articles about the economy and daily analysis on politics.  If you want to know more about the Spanish culture in less time, staying well informed about world events as well, is the best website to start your day, in my opinion.

However, as the Spanish language is spoken in several Latin America countries, in addition to the large number of Mexicans and Porto Ricans who live and use the language in the United States, do not be surprised when foreign editions of Spanish newspapers often publish news citing sources which are located in regions across the Atlantic.

In a sense, this is what makes main local media in Spain strong, independent and international.

On the other hand, as Spain receives a large number of tourists every year, while millions visit the country for business or to attend some of the best high-class universities in the world that can be found here, there are a small number of regional media which are targeting the English-speaking audience.

In Barcelona, for instance, one of the two most preferred mainland destinations of Spain along with Madrid, several local choices are available. is a portal with news from Catalonia as well as other regions of Spain.  However, the website provides a number of references to other sources, including tenths of links of online radios in English which Britons, in particular, would found very useful if they want to stay well informed of what’s happening back home.

Furthermore, Barcelona Metropolitan, a free-press publication, is a monthly magazine in English which you cannot miss if you visit cafes and bars in the city, or even public institutions, such as the chamber of commerce.

If you opt to rent in Barcelona, instead of paying for a room at a hotel, a trend which has gained increasing acceptance among short-term visitors and students, Metro often publishes ads by local agents specializing in the field.

Barcelona vacation rental is a smart choice to feel at home in the city while in vacations, studying, or visiting for a week or two for business.  The flats are well situated, usually fully furnished, managed by independent firms which are engaged to support visitors if they need any help.

Long-term apartments in Barcelona, in addition to Madrid, are available through the same professionals who speak English and, according to my experience, are readily available to respond to any call providing information which makes the life of foreigners, especially those who do not speak the local language, much easier.

Besides Metropolitan, do not forget to look for Barcelona Connect, a pocket-size A5 format magazine which provides information on time-out events, entertainment, night life and travel, along with several pages of classified ads in English.

About the author


James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.


  • Hi James,
    saw your website while searching for newspapers in Barcelona… Maybe you would be kind enough to help me…

    I am in the UK at the moment and am having a really bad and
    expensive time trying to rent accommodation from a private
    person/family somewhere in Barcelona South.

    I would appreciate your letting me know the appropriate newspaper to
    post my request in their classifieds.

    I do not want to deal with companies, as I have already lost money
    there! ( I will supply the name of the company on request)

    My Ad:-
    Looking for a room to rent from 19/12/2016 to 28/12/2016
    to accommodate 2 adults… we’re looking to pay between
    15 and 25 Euros per day. Anywhere in Barcelona south, ideally from
    Cornella to Esplugues. The sole purpose of the accommodation
    will be to sleep and refresh ourselves for the next day.

    We are not loud and do not drink alcohol, or smoke.

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
    John Barnard
    +44 (0) 7831 880 426 (11:00 to 15:00 GMT+1)

  • James, my son from Melbourne Australia has gone all the way to Barcelona with a ticket to watch the game against Las Palmas only to be refused entry due to the current troubles, The family bought the ticket for him and I recently bought him a Barca scarf whilst meeting him in London, he is travelling with friends who are all in the same sinking boat, they are not happy, this for them is the real story in Barcelona at the moment, if someone could arrange them to visit a training session that would soften the blow…thank you.

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