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Barcelona YouTube: A Trip through Barcelona

Written by James

With the advent of the Internet taking a trip for almost any city in the world is as easy as exploring online. Barcelona YouTube adventures await those adventurous enough to head off in search of culture, fashion, architecture, education, history and many other delights brought to you through live video recordings. This article will explore some of the best Barcelona YouTube videos available highlighting various aspects of the city even including apartments for rent in Barcelona if you are looking for a move.

Barcelona Culture

The city of Barcelona has a strong and long history in Europe that spans over 2000 years. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and home of the Catalan language, an old romance language, developed from Latin. The city is full of museums, libraries, archives and educational institutes that spans human history and provide a great backdrop for many engaging videos including the following:

A great travel video highlighting the various places in Barcelona to visit:

Interested in Barcelona and cuisine? Then this next video is for you of one of the top chefs in Barcelona:

Are you an international student looking for great business education? Some of the top business schools in the world are in Barcelona, check them out here:

A lover of art will truly appreciate the next video in one of the greatest museums in Barcelona:

Barcelona Living

Living in Barcelona is a daily adventure. As a large international city of 7 million people Barcelona provides for everything anyone could ever need. From renting a flat in Barcelona, getting a great education, enjoying the game of football (or in North America, Soccer), tasting local cuisine to any other hobby or interest Barcelona is truly a mecca of humanity that can be enjoyed.

If you are looking for great natural Park or garden in Barcelona, then Park Guell is a great choice. Not only a garden it is an architectural masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi, of ceramics, sculptures, sinuous benches, weird buildings, desire pavilions, and meandering curving path through beautiful gardens. A 37 acre park developed initially as a housing project that was never built instead explores Barcelona’s most famous architect’s mind.

Even if you do not plan on living in there, Barcelona vacation rentals can be a great way to visit the city and avoid the hustle and bustle of tourist traps. If you do plan on living or moving to there, finding Barcelona rentals can be easy yet understanding the culture can only be done by immersing yourself in it.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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