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Plazas in Gràcia

Written by Miguel

If you want to feel the heartbeat of Barcelona, head to Gràcia. One of the capital of Catalonia’s most famous neighbourhoods, it’s crowded all year round with both tourists and locals who enjoy its varied offer of leisure and entertainment. Particularly popular in this barrio located close to the centre of the city are its many plazas. Beautiful squares surrounded by many shops, bars and restaurants, Gràcia’s plazas are places of both tradition and modernity, carrying on the city’s history and legacy while serving as cosmopolitan meeting points for an ever-evolving society.

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Historical plazas in Gràcia

Photo by Jobopa via Visualhunt

Photo by Jobopa via Visualhunt

Plaça de Rovira i Trias – Named after legendary Catalan architect and urban planner Antoni Rovira i Trias, it features a beautiful monument in his honor. Built in 1987, this traditional public square and park is one of the oldest in Gràcia.

Plaça de Virreina – Perhaps Gràcia’s most famous plaza, it features the beautiful Sant Joan Church. With plenty of bars and terraces with great views, it’s the ideal place to have some tapas and relax with a beer in hand.

Plaça del Nord – Pay a visit to this peaceful square if you want to admire the old Gràcia emblem, a relic from the days before the village was annexed by the city of Barcelona.

Plaça del Diamant – A legendary plaza that provided the inspiration for author Mercè Rodoreda’s novel “The Time of the Doves” (titled “La plaça del Diamant” in Spanish), this is another unmissable location for anyone visiting Grácia.

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Modern plazas in Gràcia

Plaça de la Revolució – Surrounded by a recently modernized commercial area, Plaça de la Revolució is an unassuming and shady square named in honor of the Glorious Revolution of 1868, which saw Queen Isabel II being dethroned in favour of a democratic regime.

Plaça del Sol – A lively place  that is very popular amongst young people, this Barcelona square is often the stage for impromptu parties and celebrations.

Photo by Arjan Richter via Visualhunt

Photo by Arjan Richter via Visualhunt

Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia – Known until 2009 as Plaça Rius i Taulet, this used to be the main square of the old Gràcia village. Nowadays, it is the home of Barcelona’s town hall building. A charming place that is still deeply connected to its people and their origins, it also features a fabulous clock tower. Full of bars and coffee shops and still somewhat undiscovered by tourists, it’s a great place to spend a lazy afternoon mingling with the locals.

Which one of these Gràcia plazas will you visit first? Let us know using the comment box below. Have fun discovering Barcelona!

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