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Written by Paula

Barcelona is home to hundreds of creative artists that come from all over the world to live and work in Spain. Gidlööf is one of the many businesses founded recently in the city, offering a classy and unique product: Scandinavian vintage furniture.  Founded in El Born neighborhood in 2011, Gidlöof offers original vintage furniture from the fifties and the sixties, imported from the Scandinavian peninsula, particularly from Sweden.

furniture barcelonaThe store was created by fashion designer Sofia Gidlööf and architect Guim Costa, both passionate about the world of design. The pair decided to venture into business together, offering unique pieces by some of the best brands from past decades like Mathsson and String.

Gidlööf and Costa have also developed their own line of furniture and textiles of Scandinavian influences called Gidlöof Originals. Each piece created in the Originals collection is one of a kind, built with natural materials like leather, cotton, and wood, with a water and wax finishing. One of the pieces created by Guim Costa in the very first collection, an armchair, was a finalist at the Delta awards.

Gidlöof’s furniture is for sale but also for rent to cinema and television production.

Gidlööf Homestyling

Recently, Gidlööf and Costa decided to embark on a new adventure: Gidlööf Homestyling. A concept that was born in the United States of America, home styling is a service people can hire in which designers work on optimizing the interior of a property that is about to put for sale. How does home styling work? Designers and other professionals perform repair work and redesign the lighting, decoration and overall look of the property in order to make it more appealing to possible buyers.

furniture barcelonaThe process starts with a visit from the team to get familiarized with the property. After that, the client will receive a detailed budget.  If there is furniture inside the property that needs to be removed, Gidlöof Homestyling will perform the removal service and store the furniture. The property is redecorated and then photographed. When the property is sold, Gidlöof Homestyling will remove all the furniture and objects used to enhance the quality of the space.

If you feel this service might be useful for you, take a look at Gidlööf Homestyling’s online catalogue to discover a variety of tables, chairs and sofas.

Gidlööf and Gidlööf Homestyling are located at Passatge Mercantil, 1, next to Born Centre Cultura. You can get there by taking the yellow line (L4) of the subway and exiting at Jaume I.

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