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Catalan folklore

Fiesta Mayor in the Neighbourhood of Sagrada Familia

Written by Daniella

The neighbourhood of Sagrada Familia is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Barcelona. Of course you can enjoy many traditional events here, which are related to the Catalan culture. One of the most important festivities in this neighbourhood, like it is in many other areas in ​​Barcelona, ​​is its “Fiesta mayor” (or festa major in Catalan). Each area of ​​the Ciudad Condal has its own fiesta mayor, and usually it is a beautiful event full of folklore, fun, music, and there is also a lot of collaboration in the neighbourhood in preparation of the fiesta. Today ShBarcelona will tell you more on the fiesta mayor in the neighbourhood of Sagrada Familia. Be sure to check it out!

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Discover the fiesta mayor in one of the most characteristic neighbourhoods of Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

The current neighbourhood of the Sagrada Familia was initially named Poblet, and it consisted mainly of small country houses and farmhouses. At the end of the 19th century the area began to grow as a result of the industrial revolution. More homes were built, belonging to people who worked in the prospering industry of Barcelona. At the same time they started building the symbol of the neighbourhood, which eventually became the symbol of the whole city architecturally speaking: La Sagrada Familia, the Temple of the Holy Family. This important monument serves as a main location for most of the events during the festival, which coincides with another great festival in the Catalan capital this year, Sant Jordi. The fiesta mayor lasts for two weeks and all kinds of activities are organized to give new energy to the neighbourhood and its surroundings. The popular culture, which is very well represented in the neighbourhood of Sagrada Família, has a very prominent role, with a geganter parade (giants), an evening with fire, dance performances and a castellera day.

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Photo via Pixabay


The fiesta mayor of the neighbourhood of Sagrada Familia takes place in the middle of April, coinciding with April 23rd, when one of the most cultural and attractive festivities in the Catalan capital takes place, Sant Jordi. Fiesta mayor usually last about 2 weeks and those weeks are full of cultural, typical Catalan folklore activities. Among these activities we want to highlight la rueda de esbarts, a show with different folk dances, carried out by groups coming from all the communities and regions where Catalan is being spoken. There is also la diada castellera, with a display of different associations of castellers of this typical Catalan activity. And your hosts are the castellers of the Sagrada Familia, of course. The special mass for the fiesta mayor will be celebrated in the Sagrada Familia, and it will end with the Ballet de Déu, a special dance from l’Anoia. During the much anticipated Tarde del Fuego it will be possible to enjoy correfocs (or fire runs) and pyrotechnic shows until night falls, and it will all finish in front of the Sagrada Familia. The first day of fiesta mayor celebrates the despertada (or awakening): a parade featuring grallers and drummers will roam the neighbourhood with their instruments with the intention of waking up its residents and announcing the start of the festival.

Have you ever visited the fiesta mayor in the neighbourhood of Sagrada Familia?

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