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#LikerART Festival

Written by Dylan

The #LikerART Festival is a new, original event taking place in Barcelona over the next 4 weeks, between Saturday 30th April and Saturday May 28th.  The main objective of this festival is to eliminate the space between art and the public and to invite you to meet in your local areas to experience new art, people and spaces. The beautiful city of Barcelona will showcase more than 30 artistic projects in locations you may never have even known existed.


La Escocesa

La Escocesa

5 of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods will host over 30 artistic projects for the festival over the coming 4 weeks. The festival is organised into 5 routes, one in each neighbourhood and they will take you to each location involved in that respective area. You can see the routes here. At each participating location, there is a festival poster with 2 QR codes. If you download and use this app you can learn more about that location, the artwork and the route that particular location is on. Each neighbourhood also has an inaugural party where people can meet with, chat and have a beer with the artists and creators who have contributed to the festival and have an opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the exhibitions along that route.

Some of the locations in Ciutat Vella involved are Double Zer00, On Land and Impossible Project. In El Clot, the Pebre Negre Library, El Taller bar and Horno de Georgia Shoti Bakery are showcasing some creations. Figaro Hair Salon, La Festival and Bar Vinyl are taking part in Gracia. Poblenou has Isidro Cosmetic Shop, Aguaribay Restaurant and Llibreria No Llegiu displaying works of art. And finally, La Contra, La Republika and Maumau in Poble Sec will have some artworks available. Check this out for a full list of locations in each neighbourhood.

Photo credit: rofi via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: rofi via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

This is the ultimate culture walking route which gives both residents and tourists an opportunity to experience Barcelona’s first #LikerART and meet some of the personalities involved. The artists’ works of art will be on sale for between €25 and €60 per piece and will remain on display until the end of the festival. Items that go unsold will be auctioned off at the closing ceremony in the Convent de Sant Agusti.


The festival closes on May 28th in the Civic Centre of the Convent de Sant Agusti, to an initial auctioning of the unsold artworks, which will after turn into a ceremony of music and artistic appreciation. Here will have another opportunity to meet all the artists, creators and organisers involved in the festival.

About the author


Dylan is a freelance writer in Barcelona, enjoying the Spanish culture and weather along with the incredible opportunities life has to offer.

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