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Living in Barcelona

How to Feel like a Russian in Barcelona

Written by Joe Thurston

Barcelona is a very different environment to Russia. The climate it’s vastly different, the people speak a Latine language here and politically, the two are polls apart. So at first glance, you could be fooled into thinking that it’s hard to feel like Russian whilst in Barcelona. Yet in truth, it can actually be easier than it seems.

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Food and drink

Photo via Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer via VisualHunt

Photo via Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer via VisualHunt

In order the feel like a Russian from a culinary perspective, there are two options; Russian markets and Russian restaurants. The Tienda Rusa Troika Delicatessen in Las Ramblas is a whole store dedicated to traditional Russian products. In this store, not only can you buy Russian food, but also souvenirs such as flags, maps, dolls and books. The owner is Russian and will be more than happy to talk to you regarding any of the products.

There are also a couple of Russian restaurants in the city. Yalta Crimea is located down by the beach, in Barceloneta, but the slightly superior one is up in Eixample, and it’s called Souvenir Restaurante Ruso. This is a brilliantly run restaurant in which you can also buy traditional Russian products, helping you feel like you are in Moscow, right in the heart of Barcelona.


Most, if not all, supermarkets and corner shops in Barcelona sell vodka. In these sorts of establishments, you can usually find a huge range of this drink at amazingly cheap prices. In fact, Barcelona has some of the cheapest vodka in the entirety of Western Europe. If you want a great night of Russian drinking with your friends, head on down to the local store and pick your liquor of choice.

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If you want to feel like a Russian anywhere in the world, it is important to speak the language. Language and culture are, after all, interlinked. BCNLIP in Barri Gotic offer Russian language courses; from 2 to 10 hours a week. Their classes are small, with no more than 10 students at once, enabling you to have the best chance to learn. Not only will you be taught the language, but also the history of the great country that is Russia.


Photo via VisualHunt

Photo via VisualHunt

MeetUp is a website dedicated to getting people to get together to perform whatever kind of activity you can think of. Whatever you want to do, they will have a meetup for it. Just type the word “Russian” into the search box of the website and find the group that most attracts you.

So whether you want to make Russian-speaking friends, discuss Chekhov plays or have an Okroshka cooking contest, there are many different ways you can feel Russian whilst here in Barcelona.

About the author

Joe Thurston

Joe is a professional actor/writer from England who has made Barcelona his home.

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