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Districts of Barcelona

Barcelona’s best neighborhoods to live in

Written by Paula

An innovative, cosmopolitan city that offers countless opportunities, Barcelona has become one of the most popular cities to live in. Thousands of young people choose the Catalan capital as the location to study, open their own business or even move in with their families.

One of the decisions those who move here have to face is that of the neighborhood they will live in. If you are currently in this position, here is a description of Barcelona’s best neighborhoods to live in.

Barcelona’s neighborhoods

live barcelonaBarcelona is divided into 10 districts, which are divided into 73 neighborhoods. There are the cool neighborhoods, the student neighborhoods, the beach neighborhoods, the exclusive neighborhoods, and many more, each one with its unique set of characteristics. Here is a map of Barcelona, with all its neighborhoods.

The best areas in Barcelona

Let’s talk about the most exclusive districts of Barcelona, which are located in the peripheral area of the city. These are, no doubt, the areas with the best neighborhoods to live in, which means they are also the most expensive ones. Here you will find a good quality of life, tranquility, less traffic and newer buildings and houses.

Les Corts District (3 neighborhoods)

live barcelonaLes Corts is a former municipality that became part of Barcelona, growing as a middle-class residential area. It is the middle ground between the exclusive “zona alta” and the working class neighborhood of Sants. Les Corts has a variety of local stores and chain stores, which are mainly located at Avenida Diagonal. This area has a number of buildings which are inhabited by the middle and high-class.

La Maternitat i Sant Ramon is located between the municipality of l’Hospitlet de Llobregat and Pedralbes, and is the result of the expansion of Les Corts towards Llobregat. Due to its location, it serves as the entry point to the city, which can be accessed via Avenida Diagonal or Calle Collblanc.

This neighborhood is famous for its universities and for being the location of F.C.Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium. Most stores in La Maternitat i Sant Ramon can be found at Avenida Madrid and Carretera de Collblanc. The neighborhood’s large streets are dotted with medium to tall buildings, inhabited mainly by the middle class.

Pedralbes is one fo the most exclusive residential areas of Barcelona, which also makes it the most expensive. Pedralbes occupies the occidental peripheral area of Barcelona, going all the way to the urban area of Diagonal. It is one of the most peaceful areas to live in, located away from the noisy center. The main streets in Pedralbes are Avenida Pedralbes and Avenida d’Esplugues. Most of the stores in this neighborhoods are located at Calle Doctor Ferran. The highest part of Pedralbes is where most of the large, luxurious houses can be found.

District fo Sarrià-Sant Gervasi (6 neighborhoods)

live barcelonaEl Putget i Farró has two areas: El Putget on the North and El Farró on the South. El Putget is a small mountain located between Vallcarca and Penitents. At El Farró there are small houses with interior patios and twin houses. The neighborhood is inhabited by rich, high-class citizens.

Sarrià is the most expensive neighborhood in Barcelona. Also located on the periphery of Barcelona, it was the last municipality to become part of the city. The most lively street in Sarrià is Calle Major. Mainly inhabited by middle-high class, Sarrià is a neighborhood with lots of houses and luxury condos.

Sant Gervasi – La Bonanova is the “twin” neighborhood of Sant Gervasi – Galvanywhich is the lower part of Sant Gervasi.  La Bonanova is located close to the Collserola mountain, which makes its streets have a high degree of inclination. The streets with the most number of stores are Mandri and Muntaner. The neighborhood has a variety of houses, high-class buildings and luxury constructions where the high society lives.

Sant Gervasi – Galvany is limited by Gràcia and l’Esquerra de l’Eixample, and it is a popular, urban neighborhood. Here you can find all kind of constructions, from small to large houses and buildings. Sant Gervasi – Galvany is inhabited by both the middle class and those with a very large acquisitive power.

Les Tres Torres is a high-class residential neighborhood with pleasant, tree-filled streets. This neighborhood doesn’t have a strong commercial offer, but it does offer high-quality services. Here, there are a variety of luxury villas and high-class buildings.

Vallvidrera, El Tibidabo i Les Planes are three urban areas located in the Collserola mountain, completely separated from the urbanized territory of Barcelona. This is an area filled with high-class houses and small shops.

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