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Living in Barcelona

Buying Erotic Items in Barcelona Sex Shops

Written by Adriana

If you’re in the city with your partner on a romantic trip and want to buy an erotic item or even if you have to buy something to give on a bachelor party, there are a variety of places you can go to in Barcelona.

There doesn’t even need to be a special occasion for you to pay a visit to one of the city’s many sex shopsSexuality is a part of life and something that should be explored in a healthy way, with or without a partner.

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Exploring one’s sexuality can increase feelings of self-confidence, help people develop a good relationship with their bodies and even help release stress. In this article of ShBarcelona, we have included shops that sell toys for fun in bed and many other items that can help spice up your sex life.

Barcelona Sex Shops


Sex Toys Center is the first ever erotic supermarket in Barcelona. With a surface of over 800 square meters and almost 8.000 products, Sex Toys Center has a lot to offer.

The supermarket bets on variety, offering a large number of products in each category, like lotions, chairs, sofas, lingerie, lubricants, vibrators, a fetish section, books, clothes and shoes.

They have a very complete website where you can discover all of the fantastic and amusing products they have to offer, but they have a separate platform for online sales called Ohmygoood

sex shop barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

The only physical store they have in the city is Sex Shop La Maquinista Barcelona. The company also has their own blog, where they publish advice articles that cover topics such as how to address sex during pregnancy, and articles that talk about sex-related themes, like what are the most erotic books and movies.

Location: Carrer de Sao Paulo, 34, in the neighborhood in Sant Marti.

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Condoms & Co

Decorated with bright color and neon lights, Condoms & Co is probably the most fun sex shop in the city. Some of their most popular products are teddys, vibrators, and gloves. They also sell a variety of other items, such as massage lotions, vibrating rings, and lingerie for men and women.

The shop carries the “Fifty shades of Grey” collection, which features items like Christiaan Grey’s silver tie, red, black or gray bondage accessories, satin blindfolds, whips, handcuffs, and masks. Condoms & Co is a company that has been in business for over 20 years which means they are experienced and offer only the best in terms of sex toys and accessories

They also have a bondage section, for those who like things a little more rough, offering whips, handcuffs and masks. Of course, if you need to find some multi-flavored condoms in Barcelona, this is also your place to get your supplies.

condoms barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

For those who are not exactly looking for a sex accessory but would like to give someone a sexy and fun item, there is a section of games and gag gifts, like edible penis gummies and erotic games.

The people working at Condoms & Co are professionals. They will help you find what you need and advise you quite naturally, without any judgment. The store has a friendly, colorful vibe, which makes it very pleasant to visit, but if you are more of a shy type, you can buy your items online and have them delivered to your home

Condoms & Co is located at three different locations: Carrer de Santa Anna, 33 and Carrer de Portaferrissa, 10 both in the neighborhood of Gotic, and Carrer de Sants, 134 in the district of Sants

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Amantis offers anything you might need to spice things up in the bedroom. Remote control vibrators, anal plugs, erotic films and books, Chinese balls – all of this and more is available at Amantis, in a variety of materials, colors and sizes.

Among some of their most popular items are the pieces from the collection of “50 shades of Grey“, which include whips, massage oils, handcuffs, rope, tape, nipple clamps and even Christian Grey’s silver tie.

Location: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 145, in the neighborhood of Gracia.

sex toys - whip

Photo via Pixabay

Le Petit Boutique

Le Petit Boutique is another sex shop located in Gràcia. According to their website, they want to normalize sexuality, talk about it without taboos, and help everyone overcome their complexes about sex. At this store, you will find a variety of items at very competitive prices.

They sell oils, lotions, vibrators, and lingerie, like most of the stores mentioned in this list, but they also offer other unique items like a sex torso, which mimics a woman’s body for a more real solo experience.

Location: Travesera de Gràcia, 281

lady in red lingerie and black mask

Photo via Pixabay

The Luxury Love

The Luxury Love is a shop that invites clients to surrender to their senses, leaving all taboos behind. Here, you will find products like massage oils, candles, books, and costumes. 

The Luxury Love works with some of the most popular erotic products brands, like Fun Factory, We Vibe, Pico Bong, Eros and Toy Joy.

In this shop you will also find erotic items to improve your sexual relationships: toys for him and for her, cosmetics, body paint, sexy lingerie kits, and many other accessories. You can also buy your items online with free shipping if you exceed 60 euros.

sex shop barcelona

Photo via Visualhunt

It presents itself as a different kind of sex shop, offering class and personalized service. They also organize meetings by the name of “The Luxury Box“, in which participants are invited to learn about and touch the products offered.

You can also attend one of the monthly meetings that take place in the shop, where women talk about sex in an open, honest way, and where new products are presented.

Location: Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere, 18, in the district of Ciutat Vella

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Lovesexing Sex shop

Lovesexing is one of those sex shops that stimulates your creativity and boosts your wild imagination, thanks to their range of sex toys and a large variety of erotic games.

Their mission is to normalize sex talks and sex education through their blog and their assistants in the shops who are friendly and with excellent, personalized customer service.

Location: Carrer Aragó 475 and 193, Carrer Bonavista 28, in the district of Eixample, and Carrer Fontanella, 18

sex toys - hand cuffs

Photo via Pixabay

Delicatessen X

Delicatessen X has specific sections dedicated to vibrators, erotic cosmetics, bondage-fetish, games and feminine hygiene. Visit their store, or if you prefer, make your purchase online.

Location: Carrer de Penedès 10, Local 4 

Which of these Barcelona sex shops have you been to?
Share your tips with other erotic items’ shoppers!

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