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Traditional festivals

Street Festivals in Barcelona

Written by James

Barcelona is easily one of the most energetic and vibrant cities in the modern world, and visitors and residents are in constant contact with the city’s rich culture and heritage. Barcelona is famous for its architect, art and cuisine, but the street festivals that partake at different times throughout the year are an excellent way to experience the nature of this beautiful Catalan city. The following article will examine some of the most popular street festivals of Barcelona, and will reveal how to rent a flat in Barcelona. Readers should also visit the Time Out festival section for more coverage of upcoming events.

Barcelona’s Street Festivals

The Gracia festival is one of the most popular and well-known street festivals in Barcelona and occurs between the 15th and 21st of August each year. The Gracia district is transformed into a massive street party with music, street performances and activities as well as food and drink stalls. During the Gracia festival each street competes for the best decoration, and the participants are renowned for taking the competition very serious. The district is adorned with beautiful and vibrant designs and decorations. There are numerous concerts and shows on during the Gracia festival so make sure to check the festival line up before attending.

The Barcelona La Merce Festival

The Barcelona La Merce Festival is the biggest street festival in Barcelona, and usually takes place during the third week of September. This festival has been running in the city for over one hundred years, and the schedule of events is packed with shows and activities for all. One highlight of the festival is the Correfoc, which is known as the fire run. If you are considering attending this event then ensure that you wear protective clothing, as you will be witnessing a large sparkler fireworks display. Readers should also note that there are generally two different fireworks displays. The display held during the day is suitable for children while the event in the evening is intended for adults. This Barcelona Tourist Guide article has further details about the Barcelona La Merce Festival.

Renting in Barcelona

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