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Discover Espai Mescladís

Written by Paula

If you roam around aimlessly around El Born, you’re bound to stumble upon Espai Mescladís. With its colorful chairs and its stone walls, this quirky-looking venue has more to offer than just a place to stop for an afternoon drink or an affordable meal.

Mescladís – Iniciativa d’economía solidaria

Photo via Pixabay

Mescladís is a non-profit organization, dedicated to increasing social cohesion in order to make life richer for everyone. By promoting dialog, understanding, and diversity, the organization hopes to help everyone have equal rights and opportunities and to embrace that which is not familiar instead of fearing it. Mescladís is also committed to sustainability and the support to those who come from abroad to make Barcelona their home.

The non-profit organization is partly funded by subsidies from Diputació de Barcelona, Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya and other entities, and they also offer a number of activities open to the public at Espai Mescladís which help to cover their costs.

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Cuinant Oportunitats

Cuinant Oportunitats is a commendable program created by Espai Mescladís in order to help promote social insertion. The way that the program does that is be offering training in the food service industry for those people who are in a precarious situation, having great difficulty finding a job and being able to support themselves or provide for those who they are responsible for.

Taller Mescladís

Espai Mescladís offers a number of workshops or tallers to help promote intercultural exchange and social thinking. Their workshops are open for children, adults, and seniors.

City-wide social projects

Committed to promoting discussion and understanding between cultures and people from different social classes, Mescladís frequently creates initiatives that are meant to engage the population. You may have already walked by one of their many projects, having seen black and white photos on walls and storefronts that illustrate the reality of the daily life of certain social classes or telling the stories of those who dared to cross the border to come live here.

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Photo via Pixabay

If you want to get to know this organization and to offer some monetary support, what better way to stop for a drink or a meal at their bar/restaurant? Their meals are prepared with local, fair trade products, prepared in the very school that helps give new opportunities to those who need a new way to make a living.

Location and opening times

Espai Mescladís is located at Carrer dels Carders, 35 and is open from 10 am to 10 pm.

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* Main photo by Enric Archivell via Visualhunt

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