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A Little Latino Spice in Barcelona

A Little Latino Spice in Barcelona
Written by Olivia

Pacha, Opium, Shoko, Carpe Diem: the most popular beach clubs in Barcelona, have an indisputable fame in the city. Apart from popularity and fame, they also have a reputation for being filled to maximum capacity, literally, with tourists, especially during the summer. When I first moved to Barcelona, I was going to these clubs frequently, and honestly, I was disappointed with the turnout almost every time. I wanted to meet friendly locals from Barcelona, but all I found were sweaty, intoxicated weekend passerbies, who were completely incapable of holding a rhythm, their alcohol, and a conversation. I decided I wanted more out of a dance club, but I didn’t know where to look, so naturally I asked the locals. If you are feigning for some dancing, minus the drunken tourists, and in addition, some stupendous dancers, and even a little extra cardio fitness, search no more. Here is a list of some of the best spicy, Latino-infused dance clubs in the city.

Mojito Dance Club

(Carrer Roselló, 217, Metro L3 or L5, Diagonal or Provenca)

This dance club is probably the most popular saA Little Latino Spice in Barcelonalsa and bachata dance hall in the city. Although it is a little less local than the others, it is nonetheless a breeding ground for incredible dancers. There is usually an entry free, but look for someone handing out free entry tickets before spending the 10 euros. However, if you are looking for an excuse to break out your dancing shoes, learn from professional dancers, and meet people from all over Latin America, this is the place to go. If you are a little intimidated by the intensity of the dancing, Thursday night is the night to avoid. Thursday night is also very much the night to attend, because the best professionals in the city come out to impress, and it is a show worth watching. If you want to come prepared, the club offers lessons at 10pm for couples, groups and individuals, and then encourages you to practice your newly acquired dance skills in the club! Slip into one of the cool little booths, grab a mojito, and if you’re feeling courageous, get a local to teach you to salsa!

Habana Club

( Passeig Joan Borbó 74, 08039 Barcelona)

Want to escape the city for a little bit, let’s say to Cuba, including delicious drinks, exotic cuisine, great live music, but don’t want to buy the flight? Walk along the beach of San Sebastian in Barceloneta, listen for the rhythm of salsa, the smells of Cuban food, and use your senses to guide you to this perfect salsa club. This club is often used for events, birthdays, weddings, and dinner parties. Not only do they offer a gastronomic infusion of Mediterranean and Cuban cuisine, there is live music with Cuban orchestras here in Barcelona, tropical cocktails, and even dance classes on Thursday nights from 9 to 11pm. Salsa BCNThursday through Sunday, the party never stops at this little Cuban getaway in the heart of Barceloneta.

Antilla Salsa

(Carrer d’Aragó 142, 08015, Metro L1 or L5, Urgell or Hospital Clinic)

Opened in 1993, la Antilla Salsa is really a pioneer for the Latino rhythm pulsing throughout Barcelona. In 1994 this club won a Guinness World Record, for a 24 hours of non-stop music, with 100 different musicians of all nationalities, and has obtained a well-deserved reputation since then. The club has two “salas” or dance rooms, one dedicated to strictly salsa music, and the second to other alternative types of dance music. antilla1Throughout the night you will find workshops offering free salsa lessons in those two dance halls with professional teachers, available to lend a hand and some advice to those who share the same passion for the rhythm of salsa and good music! Here you can find their schedule for the week.

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Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.

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