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Barcelona: wedding destination

Traditionally, when wedding planners were opting to create an exotic wedding venue in Europe for their clients, Barcelona wouldn’t be on their list.  Top wedding cities to be considered were Venice, Paris, Ibiza (another city in Spain), Akamus Peninsula in Cyprus and a few cities in Greece like Santorini.

Photo credit: Bert Palmer via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Bert Palmer via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

This is of course traditionally speaking, but as the international community continues to discover the wonders of Barcelona, this vibrant city that we all love is not only becoming the city of love and romance, but also a wedding destination city.

If you already live in the Catalonia region or Barcelona, then it’s a no-brainer.  The mild winter temperatures, natural wonders and traditional trappings of the city are enough to convince you.  That being said, let’s delve into all the wonderful places that make Barcelona a great city to get married in.

Church Wedding Options

Have you ever wanted to get married in a beautiful church?  Not just any church, but a church with history, character and breathtaking architecture.  Barcelona has it.  If that’s your plan, a few to consider in Barcelona are;

Santa Maria del Mar

Santa Maria del Mar is considered by some to be one of the most magnificent Gothic churches in Barcelona.  It was built in the 14th century between 1329 -1383, so it has tons of history.  Upon entering this temple, you’ll be greeted by a vast interior space with clerestory windows and slender octagonal columns. Whether you’re planning a grand wedding or a small one, this place is bound to give your guests a lot to talk about.

Barcelona Cathedral

church barcelonaThe Barcelona Cathedral, which is also known as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia is a popular destination for all tourists coming to Barcelona.  The cathedral, like Santa Maria del Mar was constructed between the 13th and 15th century.  The ambiance of the cathedral is breathtaking.  Even the ostensorium (a religious vessel) is elaborately decorated with of gold and silver.  Word has it that it’s positioned on the throne of King Martin the Humane, and it was given as a donation by the King himself.  The church is also known and well admired for its 14th-century cloisters, choir stalls, and the pulpit.  The keystones are something to behold as well.  Because it’s a popular tourist destination, everything is well kept and decorated.  Hosting your wedding at this temple would speak volumes about your love for tradition, Catholicism and ancient architecture.

Sant Pau del Camp

This church is considered to be the oldest church in the city and will probably appeal to the more intimate and private side of a couple hosting wedding event.  The Romanesque architecture has a small cloister and features lobular arcades with double columns.  The capitals on the columns are decorated with animals, biblical scenes and vegetable motifs.  More so admired for its simplicity and Greek cross plan, this place is a popular destination for pre-nuptials that are interested in the beauty of privacy, simplicity and intimate less touristy surroundings.

The Villa Option 

For those that are interested in balancing the old with the new, choosing a beautiful villa in the Barcelona area is a popular and growing choice.  The good thing about villas is that you can do an all in one.  The wedding and the reception can all be held in the same place, which can take away the hassle of moving place to place with guests that aren’t from the city.  Villas in Barcelona are literally secret paradises.  A few to consider are;

Bell Reco

Bell Reco is an impressive mansion that was built in 1940. The building is so spectacular, it took twelve years to complete.  Weddings and private events are often held there.  With the mansion only being just a half an hour away from the city center, it’s an option for those seeking to celebrate love in the countryside of Barcelona.  Bell Reco is beautifully clad with large gardens, ponds, fountains and landscaping; definitely upholding the ambiance of romance.

Almiral de la Font

This runaway paradise is only about 30 minutes from Barcelona in Sitges.  It’s quite old an old building that was built in 1582, but has of course been renovated and turned into a rental villa.  Being that it’s situated on 300 acres of land and surrounded by Garraf National Park, it should give you a hint of what it would look like for a wedding.  Fresh air, space, surroundings of nature and Spanish elegance all in one.  It’s an easy “yes, we’ll take it,” and yes, it’s on Barcelona.

Casa Nova Estate

isola-del-garda-950784_1280This stunning nine bedroom and six bathroom villa is located in Sitges as well.   Sitges  is only about forty kilometers from Barcelona Center, and is easily accessible by public transportation.   This little quaint international town is known for having beautiful homes and villas.  Casa Nova sits on 600 acres of private land and is surrounded by a national park like Almiral de la Font.   Everything you’ll need in a villa is there.  From a large swimming pool, to alfresco dining and breathtaking views.

Getting married in Barcelona is limited to only a beautiful churches, there are tons of exquisite hotels.  Five-star hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental, W Hotel and the Majestic are all top notch destinations for special events and happenings in Barcelona.  Whether you’re interested in a Gothic church, countryside villa or luxurious hotel, Barcelona is a city that has all the charm, sophistication and beauty required to make it an excellent destination for the celebration of love.

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