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Barcelona’s gastronomic fairs

Written by Chloe Harwood

Barcelona’s gastronomic fairs continue to draw in visitors from all over the world with an array of delicious food, innovative new recipes and hands-on workshops to inspire budding chefs of all levels. Spectators are able to witness the preparation of different dishes and indulge in an array of different flavors, new combinations of ingredients and textures, all created by some of the world’s most renowned chefs.

With so many different gastronomic fairs to choose from it can be difficult to choose one (particularly if you’re only on a short visit) so to help you out, ShBarcelona has compiled the following list of some of the most popular ones.


Photo via Unsplash

Alimentaria features live gastronomy experiences led by award-winning chefs. With a whole host of events to choose from, Alimentaria offers visitors a chance to not only watch but actively participate in activities. These activities include culinary master workshops which are performed before a small audience where members are encouraged to taste food and interact with the class creating an intimate and personal atmosphere.

Show-cookings are less intimate live cooking demonstrations performed by some of the best chefs of today and watched by many spectators at one time. Taking place on 4 cooking stations, the show-cooking events offer visitors the opportunity to learn innovative culinary techniques to help transform their own cooking whether that be at home or in their own food and drink venue.

Alimentaria will skip 2017 in Barcelona, happening instead in Lisbon. This gastronomic event will come back to Barcelona in April of 2018.

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Eat Street

Eat Street food fair is a particularly popular choice for vegan and vegetarian visitors due to the focus on vegetables, fruit, grains, sprouts and other delicious plant-based delicacies.

But don’t worry if you’re a meat lover – many non vegetarians flock in their numbers to try the different variety of dishes served in this festival.

Everything that is served is created using innovative techniques, offering a mixture of flavors and layered textures to produce some of the most delicious dishes being served in Barcelona.

Barcelona Degusta

Hosted in Fira de Monjuic, Barcelona Degusta is a select market, where visitors can learn new cooking skills, sample delicious food, and buy quality materials needed to produce their own dishes at home.

New and upcoming recipes and trends are also explored in workshops, along with the opportunity to seek advice from 10 professional Michelin star chefs.

Degusta Barcelona is perfect for the whole family, with many activities available for children to participate in, including workshops and classes to help grow each young chef’s confidence, spark creativity and inspire experimentation in the kitchen.

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All Those

Photo via Unsplash

The well loved All Those food market takes place over a weekend, hosting 70 food tents full of delicious food, utensils, household accessories, cookbooks, smoked meats, mature creamy cheeses and other delights that keep visitors coming back every year.

As well as providing visitors with a whole range of items to purchase and try, the All Those food fair is a source of inspiration for all budding chefs who are seeking advice, insider tips and creative innovation.

The fair is often hosted in a cultural setting, such as the urban Seminary courtyard which was used in previous years as the main platform for the fair drawing in large numbers of visitors.

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