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Avoid the 1st of January hangover!

Written by Adriana

If you want to avoid 1st of January hangover and pay for what you eat and drink the night before, we suggest several things you can do before and after. ShBarcelona recommends gathering some willpower and common sense before these dates of social commitments because you know that everything you eat and drink you’re going to pay for it sooner or later… (evil laugh). Without further ado, here are our tips!

Drink plenty of water before and after drinking and eating: before you start drinking and eating or before going to sleep after drinking too much alcohol and eating lots of food, is good to drink water to prevent hangover effects of dehydration or more painful heartburn stomach. You can also drink milk, because of this, besides water, contains sugar necessary for your body to be back to normal. Milk is also anti-diuretic and alkaline, first thing prevents you from waking up during the night to use the bathroom and have a good sleepy time, and the second thing prevents stomach inflammation and acidity.

hangoverAvoid fizzy drinks: several studies have shown that bubbly drinks, which contain carbon dioxide, accelerates the flow of alcohol in the gut and makes you get drunk faster. This effect could be caused by drinks like champagne or sparkling wine, but also mineral water mixed with wine in your stomach. The idea if your drink has bubbles cause worst hangover is false, but being drunk faster make yourself also drink faster and feel sicker the next day.

hangoverThe dark drinks are worse: it is not known exactly why but darker drinks produce worse hangovers (worse headaches) than clear beverages. It is believed that it is due to some components that are generated during the fermentation of some beverages that give it its color. Avoid drinking a lot of whiskey, cognac, wine, etc.

Drink with a full stomach: it is common sense, but it is worth to say that it is better to drink on a full stomach so that the effect of alcohol is softer as it is absorbed by the food and do not fall directly into the stomach.

hangoverPreventive diet: there are some food that consumed before or during the alcohol intake, can help mitigate its effects. These are, for example, asparagus, artichokes, sausage, dandelion, tomato juice, tuna, and mushrooms. There are also foods that can help post-hangover to make you feel better like milk, sports drinks, orange juice, eggs, garlic, pineapple, papaya, honey or shellfish.

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