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Arts and Crafts Stores in Barcelona

Written by Daniella

Many people have interesting hobbies, and these hobbies allow them to express their creativity. Even young children do arts and crafts at school, helping them develop their imagination and basic skills.

Doing crafts and creating something from scratch has become very popular again, but it is not always easy to find the right craft supplies for your new project.

So that is why today, this blog article by ShBarcelona will tell you where some of the best arts and craft stores in Barcelona are.

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Where to go for art and craft supplies in Barcelona

Hazlo Tú

needles and wool

Photo via Pixabay

Hazlo Tú is a shop and workshop, started and managed by professionals specializing in fine arts, scrapbooking, silver handcrafts and decorative arts.

The store is always looking for the newest trends and novelties in the arts and crafts sector, in order for their customers to constantly learn new things. The shop is large, and there are thousands of different craft products to help you with your latest ideas, from start to finish.

There are demonstrations at Hazlo Tú every Saturday, and they last about 4 hours. If you are interested, it is good to know they are completely free of charge. Some of these demonstrations included working with polymer clay and sterling silver, but other techniques were on landscape painting and felting.

If you would like to know more, visit the website or stop by at their shop at Rambla del Carmel, 18-20.

Pinzell de Paper

Pinzell de Paper is a shop in Barcelona that specializes in selling all kinds of material for your crafts. This is where you can find paint and varnish, decorative paper, stamps, moulds and dies. You can also book a course or workshop, and there is something to choose for everyone, like scrapbooking, steampunk and decoupage.

Besides courses and workshops, Pinzell de Paper also offers extracurricular craft classes for children, so this could be an interesting option for a birthday party. You can sign up for any of the courses by calling 772 23 03 24. Of course, you can also visit the store in the neighbourhood of Vilapicina, at Carrer Desfar, 22.

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Montana Shop

scrapbooking paper

Photo via Pixabay

Montana Shop Born opened for the first time in the year 2004, and this was Barcelona’s first graffiti shop.

Almost 10 years later a second shop was opened, and this one is also centrally located, but now in the popular neighbourhood of Gracia. Both shops offer an extensive range of products by their own manufacturing, and they also sell products by other European distributors.

If you are looking for graffiti-related, urban arts or fine arts products, Montana Shop is your place to be. They have books, magazines, clothes and accessories, and these are only some of the items you can buy at Montana Shop.

Barna Art

Barna Art is a craft supplies shop that offers a great variety of products. If you want to express your creativity, you can find the best materials at the best prices at this fine art shop.

And don’t hesitate if you need any help or advice, because Barna Art’s experienced and professional staff is there to solve all your problems and answer any questions you might have, and they have been doing so for over 23 years. Visit the store at Carrer Rosselló, 290 bis.

Are there any other craft supply stores in Barcelona you can recommend?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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