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Artemisabcn Multispai Artistic

Written by Paula

Artemisabcn Multispai Artistic is a personal growth and personal potential development school with a holistic approach. The school proposes to educate and accompany each individual’s path of personal evolution, offering tools the student can use to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Artemisabcn Multispai Artistic considers that health refers not only to the absence of disease or pain, but to a complete state of physical and social wellbeing, contemplating good relationships, a life of affection and internal harmony. For that reason, Artemisabcn Multispai Artistic executes mainly prevention work and maintenance, when the balance is achieved.

Artemisabcn Multispai Artistic offers three different forms of therapy: dance therapy, music therapy and art therapy.

therapy barcelonaDance Therapy

Dance therapy, or as it’s known in Spanish, Danzaterapia, is a healing technique that uses dance and psychology as a way to treat mental and physical problems through a process of psychophysical integration. This form of therapy allows patients to manifest, through movement and creativity, what they are feeling inside. This helps them develop their sensitivity and to begin to accept themselves and others. Through dance therapy the patients are able to break rules and leave prejudice behind, which opens a space for joy, trust and safety.

Music Therapy

A qualified therapist will gather with the patient to learn what are the patient’s strengths and needs.  The therapist will lead the patient through a treatment process that may include listening to music, creating music, singing, and dancing or moving to music.

Music Therapy helps the patient to feel his or her abilities strengthening, his/her confidence growing. The patient will also start becoming better at communication, which he/she will be able to do through non-verbal ways.

Music Therapy is not only effective in overall physical rehabilitation but also provides emotional support for clients and families, allowing them also to express their feelings.

Art Therapy

therapy barcelonaArt therapy is a form of expressive therapy. It uses the process of creating art to work on a person’s emotional, physical and mental well-being. Art therapy is based on personality theories, family systems, human development, psychology and art education. Also known as “creative arts therapy”, art therapy allow patients to express and understand emotions by creating art pieces with materials such as chalk, paints, and markers. This happens under the supervision of a professional art therapist, who is trained in both art and psychological therapy.

Artemisabcn Multispai Artistic is located at Carrer Regás, 33, inside the neighborhood of Gràcia.

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