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Where to find alternative clothes in Barcelona

Written by Laurat

During my high school years, we use to have different nicknames for the artsy types. One of the most popular nicknames was “alternative”, to refer to people who use baggy pants, fanny packs, hippy-like t-shirts, headbands and an assortment of clothing items that clearly distinguish them from the rest of the population.

alternative clothes barcelonaBarcelona has a large number of “alternative” citizens, who dress in unique and fascinating clothing that sometimes makes us wonder where one could purchase something similar.


Gràcia is a neighborhood that appeals to the “alternative” in you, offering a wide selection of retro and vintage shops. Take a stroll in Carrer Torrent de l’Olla and keep your eyes open for the alternative clothing stores.


Raval is without a doubt one of the most alternative neighborhoods of Barcelona. If you’re in the area, just take a stroll in C/ Tallers and C/ Elisabet.   Those two streets are particularly good places to browse, offering a variety of options.

Barrio Gótico

alternative clothes barcelonaBaixada de la Llibreteria is a tiny street, the headquarter for Barcelona alternative stores. Two of the most interesting shops in the neighborhood are Incas, which can be found at Carrer de la Boqueria, 21 and Sukot, located at Jaume I, 20.  Sukot has a particularly attractive line in colorful accessories.  There’s also Mercadillo on C/ Portaferrissa, 17.


Barceloneta is known as the beach neighborhood of Barcelona. It is not an area for alternative clothes shopping, but you can find a couple of items at the Artisan’s Fair, which usually takes place during the weekends in front of Palau de Mar. Definitely the type of outdoor vibe that an “alternative” person would appreciate.

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Laurat is an experienced translator and copywriter.

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