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A walk in Carrer de Verdi

A walk in Carrer de Verdi
Written by Paula

Gràcia is one of the most interesting barrios in Barcelona, offering a variety of events, alternative stores and delicious restaurants. Home of the famous Cinema Verdi, Carrer de Verdi is a great place to explore the independent shop scene.

Carme Anglada 

verdiCarme Anglada is a Catalan designer born in 1956 who creates gorgeous, modern jewelry. Her pieces have been worn by models walking for such famous brands as Adolfo Dominguez, Lidia Delgado, Agata Ruiz de La Prada, Simorra and Custo. Anglada has received numerous awards for her use of innovative materials and avant-garde designs.


Marudama is a nice, colorful store where you can find all the parts to build your own necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The store sells pieces that come from different parts of the world.

Marudama is located at Carrer Verdi, 8.

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Fulanitu i Menganita

Inaugurated in 2013, Fulanitu i Menganita is an interior design store where you will find beautiful and creative pieces for your home. Mirrors made out of old tennis rackets, lamp shades made out of industrial materials and an enormous metallic canoe are some of the items that make this store a must-see in Carrer de Verdi.

Fulanitu I Mengadita is located at Carrer de Verdi, 25.

cinema verdiCinema Verdi 

This old movie theatre was inaugurated with only one room in 1923 under the name “Salón Ateneo Cine”, becoming a multi-room cinema in 1987. Cinema Verdi is one of the few movie theatres in Barcelona where you can watch original version movies. The theatre shows a selection of new releases and art house movies.  Prices vary between 6€ and 9€, depending on the day you choose to go.

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