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A walk through Carrer dels Carders

A walk through Carrer dels Carders
Written by Paula

Located inside the Born barrio, Carrer dels Carders is a sort of hidden street only two minutes away from Mercat del Born. Its proximity the promenade, Passeig del Born, and the barrio’s touristic streets, make Carrer dels Calders a secondary choice, for a walk, shopping or having a meal. But it is sometimes in the unexplored places that we make the most interesting discoveries. Here are some of the establishments you can explore at Carrer dels Calders:


BarcelonaIf you would like to stop for a nice, salty snack, Pretiola is a good choice for you. The first pretzel store in Barcelona, Pretiola offers a variety of tasty treats like pretzels with mozzarella, pretzels with garlic, pretzels with seeds, smoked salmon sandwich, Serrano ham sandwich, and chorizo sandwich.

You can find Pretiola at Carrer dels Calders, number 10.

Alsur Café

With its main door located at Plaza de Sant Cugat 1, Alsur Café has a secondary door located at Carrer dels Calders. This cosmopolitan café offers delicious meals, drinks and desserts that include yogurt with muesli, pancakes with syrup and large slices of cake.

Visit the café and amuse yourself with the messages written on the wall like “I drink coffee because I need it, and wine… because I deserve it.”


Wawas is the type of store you stumble upon by accident, turning into one of your favorite stores. Originally a souvenir shop, Wawas developed into a nest of retro, cool items that include felt dogs with a personality, creative vinyls to glue on your walls, a variety of eccentric books, notebooks, t-shirts, magnets, paintings, mugs and even some cand.

Wawas is located at Carrer dels Carders, number 14.

Refresca Tea 

Located at the number 25, Refresca Tea is a place where you can have a customized ice tea created at the moment, just for you. The company uses only certified European suppliers, water that has been treated using a special filter system, and fresh ingredients like mint, ginger and freshly squeezed lime juice to give the juices an unique flavor.

Galeria Maxó

BarcelonaGaleria Maxó has two locations in Barcelona. The main gallery is located at Portal Nou 29, and the smaller one at number 29 of Carrer dels Carders. Both the locations display interesting works of modern art and vintage windup toys. If you look at the ceiling, you will see a delightful little train going by from time to time, riding the suspended tracks.

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.

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