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A walk in Carrer de Balmes – Part II

Written by Paula


balmesLocated at the Balmes/Rosselló intersection, this brasserie/pizzeria serves a variety of delicious dishes, including stone oven cooked pizza, mouth-watering hamburgers and steak and vegetables that are delivered to your table still sizzling on top of a thick slice of stone.

But what is really fascinating about this restaurant is its design. The black, factory-like ceilings create a wonderful contrast against the green of the many plants spread around the room and the gorgeous nature pictures that cover entire walls.

Balmes/Rosselló is located at Carrer Balmes 129.

Palacio del Flamenco

Palacio del Flamenco is a show house and restaurant in Carrer de Balmes where visitors can have a nice meal while enjoying a Flamenco or Classical Dance Fusion show. For those who are in love with the art of Flamenco, Palacio del Flamenco offers dance lessons.

Palacio del Flamenco is located at Carrer de Balmes 139.

Calma House

Calma House is a brand that sells beautiful home decoration items and textiles, specializing in pillows and cushions. If you are in need of some softness and comfort in your life, Calma House is the store to visit.

Calma House is located at Carrer de Balmes 149.

Abacus Cooperativa 

Founded in 1968, Abacus is a chain of large co-op culture and education store that sells books, games, music and multimedia items. The stores have a great offer in literature, but only one shelf dedicated to books in English.

Abacus Cooperativa is located at Carrer de Balmes 163.   


If you ever get a back pain or feel some kind of discomfort when walking in Carrer de Balmes, try paying a visit to Mimasaje. There you can try treatments like acupuncture, Reiki, and a variety of massages like Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Thai, full body, therapeutical, reflexology and massage for babies. The center also offers author massages like The Invisible Wire, La Café de Montmartre, and Once upon a time.  

Mimasaje is located at Carrer de Balmes 178.

Panino Silveste

Panino Silveste is a cool little restaurant that claims to offer the best Panini and piadinas of Barcelona. There you can find Paninis with flavours like speck, artichoke and rocket; mushroom, eggplant and pink sauce; and roast beef with leafs and mustard. There are nearly 20 Paninis to choose from and another 20 piadinas!

Panino Silveste is located at Carrer de Balmes 189.

tan barcelonaSolmanía

Solmanía is a company that was founded in 1996, offering personal care, beauty, and tanning services. Solmanía offers different types of tanning processes, like classic tan, collagen tan, and spray tan.

Solmanía is located at Carrer de Balmes 202.

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